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The '' Sono '' makes your everyday life calmer!

Rudolf Stefanich has developed a way of keeping the street noise out.

At the most, many people still experience the absolute silence with the help of earplugs: somewhere the car engines hum, the construction workers hammer and saw, rattle the glass bottles into the metal container. You all know these sources of noise, how can one calm down? The world is so loud that silence in your own home is a real luxury! The Austrian Rudolf Stefanich has developed a device that isolates, filters or eliminates outside noise. This means that this window gadget provides complete silence by setting or lets only certain sounds such as bird chirping through. You can then regulate the volume of the filtered sounds yourself. This gadget will be released next year and is already nominated for the Dyson Design Award. Rudolf Stefanich is still looking for an investor.

There is a new gadget that makes you hear no outside noise in your own home.