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My blubbels!


Nintendo's DS Lite portable video game console, which allows the player to play on two LCD displays with touchscreen, gets new food with "Soul Bubbles". The legendary DS system shortens annoying waiting times and guides us along the way - with even more fun and action!

The game of skill "Soul Bubbles" is the new It-Game par excellence and takes the player into a magical world in which, as a young soul guard, he has to find lost souls and bring them to safety. Animals, plants and the elements of fire, water and air make the task even trickier. Luckily, tiger, elephant and bird mask bring support in this tough endeavor: These facilitate the capture and protection of the soul and sometimes save the life of the player.

The cartoon-like graphic style and the cozy atmosphere of the puzzle game provide lots of fun and great entertainment. The special feature of this game is the amiable style, in which both the own character and the opponents are held. In addition, patience, skill and logical thinking are trained. The playful look of the game appeals to adults and teenagers alike.

The game will be available from June onwards.


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