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American Apparel launches Shitstorm with Back to School campaign

The butt of the nudge: With this little back not much hidden.
Photo: Screenshot / American Apparel

Semi-neat butt gives little enthusiasm

American Apparels advertising is known for revealing images and a slight wickedness. What the American label released now went a few steps too far.

At least since Iggy Azalea's "Clueless" homage to "Fancy" and the surprising comeback of the plushy plait band, we know that 90s-inspired schoolgirl looks are in fashion this summer . The fact that American Apparel has made a frivolous 'Back to School' campaign out of fashion falls into the category "Does this have to be ?!".

The photos show the school-age models sometimes at the lockers of their supposed educational institution, sometimes on the sports field. So far so good. But the abysses of an article of a tartan skirt do itself: on it a girl leans into the window of a car, her butt is so little covered by the skirt, that one sees the panties.

The image from the 'Back to School' campaign by American Apparel is not only a purchase argument for the obviously too short Stöffchen, but sexually schoolgirls in a very unpleasant way. The fact that the items carry names like 'Lolita Top' or 'Lolita Skirt' reinforces this impression. Or, as Twitter user Deborah Evenson describes it, "I'm used to feeling uncomfortable at the sight of American Apparel advertising, but the latest example is just more than blatant."

Already in the past, American Apparel had caused a sensation with its ads: porn star Sasha Gray was only in socks and a bare-breasted Muslim woman was advertising against Sweatshops.

Maybe just shock with good designs instead of butts and breasts ...

Advertising taken to a new level of disgusting & quite questionable. It's the BACK TO SCHOOL line at #AmericanApparel

- Kelsey Giordano (@kelsey_gio) August 8, 2014

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