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40 euro jeans for a better world

Fully correct! H & M proves with its Conscious Denim collection: Wear eco-friendly and look cool! Overall, about 50 euros.

H & M Conscious Denim Collection for the good conscience

Good news! Also our fashion favorite Jeans is now made environmentally friendly. Voilà: Here is the H & M Conscious Denim collection that gives us a clear conscience.

Environmentally friendly production, less water consumption, sustainable materials - that does not sound very trendy at first. H & M's Conscious Denim collection proves that the fashion classic Jeans can not be designed with a lab-like eco-look, but trendy denim looks .

"We are very excited about Conscious Denim at H & M, " ​​says Helena Helmersson, Head of Sustainability at Swedish retailer. "We've worked hard to reduce the environmental impact of washing processes and use materials that are even more sustainable, and the collection proves that environmental sustainability can stand for great style."

The 40-piece Conscious Denim Collection by H & M will be available from 2 October in selected stores as well as in the online shop.