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Facial cleansing with impurities That is why the Black Head Mask is our beauty favorite

Black Head masks work their way through to the last pore and thoroughly cleanse our skin of blackheads. We will tell you our three favorites here!

A black head mask is the perfect complement to daily facial cleansing - and we totally love it!
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The daily cleansing of our skin is at least as important as the daily brushing. The effects of the environment, which our outer protective cover is exposed to day after day, are often, however, difficult or impossible to remove with ordinary cleansing milk. If this fails, our skin reacts with impurities . Unsightly blackheads are the result. And that, although we attach great importance to the daily cleaning. That does not have to be!

Black Head mask as deep cure

Sometimes the dirt sits a little deeper and literally barricades itself in our pores. Then it needs a cure, which attacks exactly there. Our tip: With a black head mask you can easily remove these deep-seated old skin particles and other dirt that has accumulated. A mask works due to the concentrated amount of active ingredients and thanks to a longer exposure time correspondingly more intense. Today we have put together three of our favorites among all cleansing masks. Now find out which Black Head mask suits you and your skin best !

1. Magnetic effect with Payot

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The great thing about a black head mask is that it really works right down to the last pore to remove your blackheads. The intensity unfolds particularly well, if you let the mask really also the recommended duration draw in, so that all ingredients have enough time to work. This will give you a very thorough cleaning - and that's what it's all about.

The Black Head Mask by Payot is particularly interesting: the Uni Skin Masque Magnetique frees your skin in no time from dead skin cells. Impurities are transformed back into smooth skin by the magnetic effect of the mask: sebum and dirt particles adhere when removed and your complexion shines fresh again.

How To Apply Payot's Black Head Mask:

  • Thoroughly clean the face
  • Apply mask twice a week - avoiding eyes
  • Let it work for five minutes
  • Wrap the magnet from the lid in a tissue and carefully wipe the mask from the face


2. Cleaning and streamlining with Dr. Ing. Hauschka

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What a black head mask should be able to do is stimulate the skin's natural excretory ability . This means that the drainage of the sebum that your skin produces is positively influenced and made possible. Only when the sebum can penetrate unhindered and is not obstructed by dirt or skin particles, you can finally get rid of your blackheads.

One plant that can accelerate this process is nasturtium . The cleaning mask of Dr. med. Hauschka takes advantage of these and refines your complexion. Of course, the healing clay also helps - it has an anti-inflammatory effect and soothes any impurities. Thanks to witch hazel, your skin looks much firmer immediately after use.


3. Relaxation with Laneige

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Of course we also think of a face mask with a wellness weekend with our best friends. We would like to relax the whole day and smear one mud pack after the other in the face. Pure relaxation! As such a spa day is unfortunately not always possible, we wish a facial cleansing, which we can use relaxed at home.

A black head mask is just perfect for a spa day in your own home ! If she also contains Yellow Sea mud, like the Mini Pore Waterclay Mask by Laneige, there is also a relaxing feeling to purify.


The mud, which originates from the sea between the Chinese mainland and the Korean peninsula, is particularly fine and has a unique combination of minerals and trace elements, which stimulates the cell renewal process. The gel mask leaves the pores look much smaller and is thoroughly cleaned by extracts of Scots pine and mint . Be sure to pay attention to the fragrant scent of the mask that will make you dream!