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Long eyelashes make-up The best mascara for more volume

Are you still looking for the best mascara for more volume, more length or extra care? We tested mascaras and these are our top 3!

The best mascara is different for each type. Here you can find out which mascara suits you
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Unfortunately, Mother Nature did not spread the Tolle-Eyelash-Gene evenly: too short eyelashes, too light eyelashes, too few eyelashes - many know that. How do you still manage a mysterious, voluminous look ? With the right mascare.

The application of mascara not only gives our eyes more expression, but extends our eyelashes visually and we can hide our tired eyelids in just a few steps. We tested probably the best mascara and today we also introduce you to our top 3, which conjure up long, curved eyelashes in no time.

These are our favorites

1. Mascara with care complex by Babor

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A post shared by BABOR Cosmetics (@baborofficial) on Sep 6, 2018 at 3:42 PDT

Those who are not blessed with dense, long eyelashes can easily and quickly help with the volume mascara from Babor . The mascara extends your eyelashes naturally and gives them a curved shape . How it works? Through a special volume brush . The really caught every single eyelash and sheathed in the black mascara. As a result, your eyelashes are fuller, they are maintained to the tips and you score with a stunning look. Who can resist?


2. Mascara for XXL eyelashes by Hildegard Braukmann

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A post shared by Hildegard Braukmann Kosmetik (@hildegardbraukmann) on Nov 22, 2017 at 6:18 PST

Incidentally, the experts for XXL eyelashes work for the cosmetics label Hildegard Braukmann . Their Dramatic Volume Black Mascara is the best mascara if you want to underline your already dramatic look with an intense eye-opener. You get particularly black eyelashes, if you pull the curved brush from the beginning up to the point and let the mascara act for about 30 seconds . Then repeat the process and the voluminous XXL eyelash look is ready.


3. Best mascara for denser eyelashes by Dr. med. Hauschka

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A contribution shared by dr. Hauschka USA (@drhauschkausa) on Mar 24, 2016 at 11:32 PDT

You are not satisfied yet? Our last ace in the sleeve is the mascara by Dr. med. Hauschka . The conjures you a dense eyelashes and makes use of all kinds of ingredients from nature . A mix of mineral pigments and medicinal plant extracts - including quince seed, silk and candelilla wax - visually compacts your eyelashes and gives the impression that your individual eyelashes grow very close to each other. And all without artificial eyelashes for sticking.

Incidentally, you can enhance the volume look by using a liquid eyeliner and emphasizing the lash line with a line of eyelashes.

The best mascara for full eyelashes by Dr. med. Hauschka is available in different colors . Which one is your favorite?