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Healthy tanYou need to do that to become healthy and crispy brown

In summer we wish a sun-kissed complexion - but please healthy and sustainable! To make your tan so natural this summer, we'll tell you what to do before you sunbathe.

We all wish that to us: a healthy and long-lasting tan.
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To keep our tan ultra-long and natural this summer, we boost our body's own melatonin production. We use a tanning booster that supplies us with herbal ingredients and activates our tan from the inside out.

Protect the skin from the inside!

We strengthen our natural protective coat of the skin from within. We are already starting to use effective tanning capsules to prepare our skin for the first time in the sun.

What we really want to avoid:

  • artificial, ultraviolet rays from the solarium. This is proven to harm our skin and also increases our cancer risk!
  • Orange, uneven tan from the tube. Better: Tender, evenly tanned skin, which will be preserved until late summer

Our favorite for a natural tan

We swear by the tanning capsules SunGlow . With herbal ingredients, we prepare our skin for intense sunlight and boost our body's own melatonin production. So we make sure that we not only see red, uneven discoloration on the skin, but evenly brown everywhere.

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How do the tanning capsules work?

It contains herbal ingredients, such as grape seed extract and vitamin E, which boost our body's own melatonin production. Also included are the mineral substance copper and the phytochemical lutein.

Why is copper essential for a healthy tan?

Copper is an important mineral that gives color to our hair, eyes and skin. If we do not have enough reserves of it in the body, we hardly get brown at all. And even our hair graying much earlier due to a lack of this mineral.

What exactly is lutein?

Lutein is a secondary plant compound from the group of carotenoids. Although it is found as a yellow-orange dye in yellow pepper and golden corn, it is particularly common in dark green leafy vegetables, such as kale, spinach, chard or algae.

Why is lutein so important?

It has an anti-inflammatory effect and protects our skin as a powerful antioxidant against free radicals from the outside. It is therefore essential for a natural and healthy tan.

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You can do that for even tan:

Well strengthened from the inside, we are already well prepared for the summer season. So that your tender tan also lasts as long as possible, you can additionally support:


Very important to get evenly brown all over your body is a regular exfoliation of your skin. It frees them from dead skin cells and sunscreen can be absorbed better.


Even if you have prepared your skin optimally for sunbathing by regularly taking your SunGlow tanning capsules : Applying sunscreen with sun protection factor - depending on the skin type - is a must. This is how your skin tans healthy and, above all, keeps you nice and tan for a long time!


Make sure that your skin is always well moistened. Because it slows down your natural renewal process and makes you look supple, fresh and youthful.

Das musst du tun, um gesund und knackig braun zu werden!
The first sun bath can come! We are prepared and stimulate our melatonin production from the inside!
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These helpers ensure a long-lasting tan

How about, for example, a body scrub by I want you nacked with rose essential oil and sea salt? Apricot kernel oil and St. John's wort oil have a calming and nourishing effect.

Optimal protection against UVA rays and light-induced aging of the skin is provided by Payot's sunscreen from the Sunny range of care products. We love this cream because it absorbs quickly, does not grease and at the same time protects our skin against free radicals.