Recommended, 2022

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Angel with stones and candlelight

  • Big flat stone
  • Letter template (craft shop)
  • Decorative paint in anthracite (craft shop)
  • thrush
  • Tray (deco shop)
  • Angel heads made of stone (garden center)
  • 1 potty snowdrop or Christmas rose
  • Small satined lanterns (eg

      from Eika c / o Candle Corner,
    • Satin tree decorations (deco shop)

    1. Print the stone in anthracite with the help of a letter template with decorative paint. To do so, put on Schalbone, fix with adhesive tape. Take little sponge with the sponge and dab. Let dry.

    2. On the tray (or a small table) assemble angel heads with the flowers, lights and jewelry.