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Friendship! This is how we find and keep friends

Even the word "Friends" contains all the ingredients for a close friendship. F stands for fine feeling: always keep an eye on the mood of the other. To know when you need it ...
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  1. The art of having the right people by his side
  2. Earlier, our circle of friends was more colorful
  3. Similarities are the glue of a friendship
  4. Future plans connect permanently

The art of having the right people by his side

Which friends are really close to us? The ones who party with us every weekend? Or the old companions from school times? And above all, what is the right kind of friendship?

When we look around today in our circle of friends, it is noticeable that most of our loved ones are quite similar to us. It is often these people with whom we feel the strongest connection.

In the past, our circle of friends was more colorful

Actually totally practical, after all, you already spend a lot of (working) time with each other anyway and therefore, without much explanation, always has a close relationship. But somehow pretty - well - monotonous, considering how many different people we used to surround ourselves when we were younger. What counted back then was the fun and carefree time.

Similarities are the glue of a friendship

Of the friends we found back then, only a few remained today. Nevertheless, we still like to count our oldest friends as one of our best, because they finally share our past and, despite all our mistakes, have never left our hearts. They give us a hold and remind us who we really are.

But that does not mean that our now-friends are just an accidental substitute for our former friends . Often they share our training path, our passions and interests. That is why we feel well and above all understood by them. Is that the core of a true friendship ? Yes, because: "Being always close to each other is one of the most important factors for an intimate friendship, which creates trust, " says psychologist Svenja Lüthge.

Future plans connect permanently

This side-by-side walking is even more wonderful when forging future plans together. And it does not matter if you still have 300 kilometers to separate today or just the office hall. It just counts that you're sure you want to go that way. And together.

But what are the ingredients for a well-functioning friendship ? The FRIENDS formula in the picture gallery above reveals it!