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The Bergdoktor can really be proud of that! Hans Sigl: 3 months - Now the 50-year-old is bursting the bomb!

Hans Sigl inspires millions of fans as a mountain doctor, but behind the camera, the popular actor provides great news. Photo: Getty Images A man practices renunciation: The actor has not consumed carbohydrates, sugar or alcohol for weeks. His scales are smiling. The television actor Hans Sig l (50) has slimmed down according to own data 20 kilograms


Practically stored sewing instructions for a wool basket

Your wool is perfectly stored in this wool basket. Sew it yourself with this guide and you always have it all in one place! Not only does wool feel good in this basket. Photo: DECO & STYLE EXPERTS You need this for the wool basket: Computer, printer and paper 55 cm cork 55 cm lining in purple paper scissors French chalk fabric scissors pins Sewing machine and matching yarn needle And this is how it's done: 1


Get rid of cracked skin Get rid of dry hands - that's how it works

Dry hands are not beautiful and can put a strain on our well-being. So you get rid of your cracked skin quickly! Your dry hands will become beautiful again Photo: iStock / iprogressman A tear in our favorite cup we get glued together again with some glue and craftsmanship. A tear in our heart can be mended with enough time and chocolate again


The right care for every season Tips & Tricks for sensitive skin

Those who have sensitive skin know that they have to fight other problems in every season. So you take care of them optimally in wind and weather. You have sensitive skin? Then you know the problem with the elaborate care. It's that easy through the seasons! Photo: iStock Our skin is exposed throughout the year to influences we can not influence: the weather


Hair CareNo itching again: This is the best shampoo for dry scalp

Especially frequent hair washing and hot air blow our head and dry it unwanted more and more. We reveal which shampoo works best against dry scalp . A dry scalp shampoo finally puts an end to itching Photo: Peter Cade / Getty Images Can you feel it too? Yes? This slight tingling ? Or is it even an intrusive itching that you can not ignore anymore


The HamamtuchPractical towel with a lot of tradition

There is a lot of Turkish tradition behind a hammam towel, but here too we love it very much. These two we find especially beautiful! With a hammam towel we get a piece of Turkish tradition home. Photo: Happinez A hammam towel is a handwoven, feather-light cotton towel , originally from Turkey and known there under the name Pestemal


Anti-celluliteWith these 3 care products you get immediately smoother skin

Orange peel knows almost every woman. What helps? Creams, creams and again creams. We've put together the top three anti-cellulite care products to help you cope with the annoying dents. We show three care products that help prevent cellulite and smooth the skin Photo: iStock content Bye orange peel - with the anti-cellulite care by Babor What helps against cellulite


That must not be missing! 7 must-haves for the summer vacation

Juhu! Finally we can pack our seven things and take off into the eagerly awaited summer holidays! Of course, a few things should not be missing. You can find out which it is in our 7 must-haves for your perfect summer holiday. I pack my suitcase and take it with me ... Photo: iStock // PeopleImages 1


Post-Sport Skin Care After Workout Care: Tips for proper post-workout skin care

Sporty ladies can sing a song of irritated skin after a sweaty workout. Luckily that does not have to be the case, because with a few tricks, the skin quickly recovers into balance. Photo: iStock // knape Exercising properly while exercising is fun. Less amusing are a bright red head, blotchy skin from all the effort, skin irritation caused by the sweat and dry skin due to the increased loss of moisture


Sunscreen What sun protection factor is right for my skin?

Sunshine not only lifts our mood, but also gives us a beautiful complexion - provided our skin gets the UV protection it needs. Photo: iStock // CentralITAlliance Unfortunately, UV radiation can not only affect our well-being positively but also negatively. In addition to sunburn, the unsightly effects of excessive sunbathing include premature skin aging by free radicals


Expert Interview with Loni BaurMakeup Trends 2018: We can look forward to this in the summer!

After the turbulent weeks of Fashion Week in Berlin are already a few weeks behind us, Loni Bauer, head of make-up of CATRICE, revealed to us in an interview what we can look forward to in the next season. So much beforehand betrayed: Boring it is guaranteed not! Loni Baur is head-of-make-up of CATRICE and has revealed us - fresh back from the Fashion Week in Berlin - what to expect in terms of make-up


What's really true? 10 myths about sun protection

The sun is seductive and treacherous at the same time. And how best to protect yourself from their warming rays is legendary. We speak plain language in terms of sun protection and tell you what is really true. Photo: iStock // PeopleImages 1. I do not have to apply cream until I'm in the sun Oh no


Beautiful nails nail trend: Now come the beautiful rose quartz nails

A post shared by Mee Mi / Misaki (@meenailsnyc) on Jun 14, 2017 at 1:09 am This nail trend thrilled us: rose quartz nails look beautiful and are an absolute must-have for the summer. How pretty are they? Rose Quartz Nails are the new trend among nail designs. And for a change, rose quartz nails are really a nail trend, which is also really beautiful


Naturkosmetik-Siegel5 Questions about natural cosmetics: What you really recognize?

The future is green. At least as far as the cosmetics market is concerned. Because the more our environment is contaminated with pollutants, the greater our longing for something natural and genuine becomes. Natural cosmetics are good for skin and soul. But not always in everything that is called "organic", even organic in it: Three drops of organic olive oil make just no sustainable care


Eighties Look Trend Hairstyle 2017: The Vokuhila is back!

At intervals of a few years, it happens again and again: The Vokuhila comes back as a trend hairstyle. 2017 is the day again! The Vokuhila is back! Photo: Getty Images Short at the front and long at the back: We all know the Vokulhila - some of us have certainly worn it ourselves. Actually, the haircut is considered the haircut of the eighties , but that does not stop hairdressers from calling the Vokuhila every year of jubilee as a trend


Pro Organic Beauty 5 reasons why you should only leave natural cosmetics to your skin

Since the general environmental awareness has increased again, natural cosmetics with their claim to a gentle dealing with man and nature enjoys great popularity. We asked ourselves what advantages natural cosmetic products really have and have gone to the bottom of it. Who loves his skin, she cares with natural cosmetics


Lovely Lips7 Things you always wanted to know about lip care

Just like our facial skin, it also loves to be cared for the particularly sensitive skin of our lips. We'll tell you what your lips really need and what the perfect lip care looks like. Photo: iStock // anneleven We should always pay special attention to our lips when it comes to their care, because hardly any part of the skin is more sensitive and "thin-skinned" than this area


That's what your skin really wants! 5 golden rules for beautiful, smooth skin

Day creams, night creams, serums, scrubs - the range of care products is huge - but really all tubes and jars help to make the skin look better? Here are five tips that cost almost nothing and really bring something. We have the youthful glow until we are about 20. Because as long as the cell division works optimally


Dry Skin5 Things that happen if you do not moisturize your skin

Everyone knows that moisture is super important to the skin. But do you have any idea why - apart from the fact that it should not dry out? No? We explain to you what negative effects a lack of moisture can have on your skin. Photo: iStock // Remains 1. Your skin can catch fire Cool temperatures, dry air: a combination that torments and dehydrates your skin


Clean it right! Tips for perfect skin cleansing

Facial cleansing is the first step to a flawless complexion. Is your skin sensitive, dry or unclean? For every problem there is a suitable product! Photo: iStock // Tassii content Which product is suitable for which skin type? Do you need a toner? How often should the face be cleaned? Which is the gentlest method to remove eye make-up


Barber with Heart Depression: A new hairstyle helps this depressed woman come back to life

Depression is not just a mental illness. You can also show yourself physically. As with this young woman. Depression can also have physical effects Photo: Istock Many people think that depression mainly affects the psyche. But that's not always the case. This shows the touching story of this depressive woman and a hairdresser who met by chance


Beauty This red lipstick is available to every woman - and here you get it

Many women do not dare red lips because they think they do not have red lipstick. But this red lipstick is for every woman. This red lipstick is for every woman Photo: Istock This lipstick really looks good on every woman. That swears make-up artist Katie Jane Hughes. She has been working as a make-up artist for 12 years and has since then kept a lipstick in her make-up case