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Expert Interview with Loni BaurMakeup Trends 2018: We can look forward to this in the summer!

After the turbulent weeks of Fashion Week in Berlin are already a few weeks behind us, Loni Bauer, head of make-up of CATRICE, revealed to us in an interview what we can look forward to in the next season. So much beforehand betrayed: Boring it is guaranteed not!

Loni Baur is head-of-make-up of CATRICE and has revealed us - fresh back from the Fashion Week in Berlin - what to expect in terms of make-up.
Photo: Cosnova

What's coming, what's left?

It leaves the courage to more make-up and small fine details. Make-up may be surprising and stubborn without losing the naturalness and nonchalance. Pink remains a trend. Back from the cheeks but more on the lip, the center of attention. It should shine powerfully there. Glitter softens and makes room for any form of metallic and iridescent textures in soft rainbow shades.

What crazy trends are waiting for us?

'Unfinished' make-up and mistakes from the youth. Make-up is sometimes shown incomplete or even used as a disruptive factor. Art is also perceived better and stronger, if you do not quite understand it - so why not with make-up? Surrealists have also taken art seriously - and so we should do that with make-up. Playfully question the norm and thereby develop a new, own aesthetic. The multi-color lip is a prime example!

Make-up mistakes of youth with William Fan and multi-color lips with Antonia Goy.
Photo: Toni Passig

Mistakes from the youth are celebrated. Too much of everything. In a modern way shown: too much gloss, colored eyebrows, hair color in the hairline. Mistakes are no longer hushed up, but stand in contrast to the perfect skin. A break in style as in fashion: evening dress with sneakers.

Is there a key look that we all will love? Why does he fit in with all of us, how do we put on this look and with which tricks does he succeed particularly well / simply?

A loud, pink lip is the focus of the beauty look. In combination with an immaculately perfected skin, this accent is always a self-confident eye-catcher and attracts attention.

Bold, pink lips at STRENESSE. A real eye-catcher!
Photo: Toni Passig

Maintain the skin nicely and use Concealer. Then matt and give the face a little shape with a fresh blush. Contour the lips and fill in the lip with the contour pencil. Then apply the lipstick. The technique enhances the luminosity and extends the durability.

What colors do we wear on lips, eyes and cheeks? Who do you like best?

On lips and cheeks, we should always give something fresh: A bright peach tone always conjures up vitality in the face. I also like it when the blush is almost pink. Then the skin looks beautifully perfused. The eyes should be shimmering in the summer rather a delicate rose or an Ivory Tton. Metallic textures on the eyes are totally trendy and reflect the light. Mascara must not be missing to give the eyes more expression. My tip: use a lot of product, but then comb through the eyelashes well.

What is your absolute must-have product and why?

For all my make-up looks, the skin plays the biggest role. It has to be perfectly prepared and serves as a canvas for all the accents that shine on it. The Professional Make Up Techniques Face Palette 010 Volume One by Catrice is the perfect collection of blush, concealer and glow products for me. A must have - also for my professional suitcase!

How do we best showcase the new make-up looks?

Permission is allowed, which feels good - especially on the streets of Berlin, there is little regulation and boundaries. Casual cuts and loose-fitting pants to the bright red lip - austere silhouettes and vibrant colors to dull nude looks. Make-up serves as an accessory and is happy to support your mood, shape and personality.

Thank you for the interview, dear Loni Bauer. We are already on fire and are looking forward to what is coming.