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Hot spices are healthy!

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  2. Which causes sharpness in the body
  3. Hot spices as a medicine
  4. Attention: You should pay attention to spicy spices


Spicy spices are mainly used in the kitchen to spice up dishes. However, the fiery spice mixtures also have beneficial effects. The aggravators have therefore proven to be both natural remedies and on the other hand as ingredients in medicines.

Which causes sharpness in the body

Spicy spices irritate the thermoreceptors in the mouth, producing more saliva. This process in turn has the consequence that gastric juice formation and intestinal movement are stimulated. This has two positive effects: On the one hand the digestion is supported, on the other hand, the increased gastric acid production prevents gastrointestinal infections.

Pungent substances such as sulfides and mustard oils have a healing effect as they kill germs. For this reason, mustard oils have proven useful, for example, in the treatment of cough and bronchitis. Garlic also lowers blood lipid levels and inhibits blood clotting; he is therefore used preventively against arteriosclerosis. The healthy sulphides and mustard oils are contained for example in onions, garlic and horseradish.

Hot spices as a medicine

Due to their healing properties, spicy spices are also used in medicinal products. For example, ingredients of ginger help nausea and vomiting, while turmeric stimulates bile acid formation and thus promotes fat utilization. Capsicillin, an energizer made from chilli, is used for circulation-enhancing medicines such as ointments and patches that treat joint, muscle and nerve pain.

Attention: You should pay attention to spicy spices

Hot spices, however, are not suitable for everyone: In people with a sensitive stomach, the pungent substances can cause uncomfortable heartburn even in small quantities. The spices can be dangerous in high dosage especially for children and lead to poisoning. The same applies to medicines with the spicy ingredients.