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The right care for every season Tips & Tricks for sensitive skin

Those who have sensitive skin know that they have to fight other problems in every season. So you take care of them optimally in wind and weather.

You have sensitive skin? Then you know the problem with the elaborate care. It's that easy through the seasons!
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Our skin is exposed throughout the year to influences we can not influence: the weather. Winter comes with its degrees of freezing and especially in summer we burden our largest organ with a lot of UV rays . All these weather peculiarities are certainly the biggest challenge for all of us who have sensitive skin . This avenges itself in case of wrong treatment quickly with unsightly redness and itching . Regular care is therefore the prerequisite for a healthy look. We've put together four methods for the four seasons that will bring you and your sensitive skin through the year, trouble-free.

Delicate skin - this is how you care for it in every season

1st spring

Finally, spring is here! Relaxing in the winter is the key to protecting your sensitive skin from the cold and snow. But beware: even in spring, your sensitive skin needs more care than others. You should not underestimate the first tender rays of the sun - even if they do not appear. And since your skin screams out loud "Here!" When the sunburn is spreading, you recommend a tinted day cream with UV protection .

This not only gives you a delicate bronze complexion in front of everyone else, but also gently prepares your skin for the upcoming stress test called summer. Sufficient humidity is the key to success here as well.

Our spring favorite is the Hydra Floral BB Cream by Decléor . Especially practical: Since the cream is tinted, you can also hide small blemishes and redness left over from winter. There is enough moisture thanks to extracts of wild pansy and sea fennel .

WUNDERWEIB-sensitive-skin-Decleor Hydra-floral

2nd summer

What is the most important thing in summer? Correct - the right sunscreen . Sensitive skin, in particular, reacts particularly strongly to harmful UV radiation emanating from the sun. And we do not necessarily talk about extreme sunbathing here: Even in everyday life, you should be careful to protect your skin in need of care. Since it reacts especially to artificial additives such as perfume and alcohol in products, you should consciously choose products that are tailored to the sensitivity of your skin.

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We recommend the Sun & Care Aloe Vera Nourishing Cream by Hildegard Braukmann for the face of Hildegard Braukmann. This cream is rich in artificial additives, has a high sun protection factor of 50 and is therefore perfect for everyday use - and even as a primer under your makeup - suitable. Aloe Vera also protects your skin from drying out and wrinkles and reactivates the skin's own cell protection.


3rd autumn

At the latest after the Indian summer we have to prepare ourselves for the next challenge for our skin. In autumn, the cold wind whistles around our ears and we really do not know how to make our sensitive skin look right. Spoiled by the sunshine, it is now yearning for more attention - and especially moisture .

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Our favorite for round-the-clock hydration is Sans Soucis' sensitive 24-hour care for particularly dry and sensitive skin. You will not even get into the fix of redness and irritation and react before your skin can react. The Aloe Vera makes the cream particularly rich and keeps the skin moisture on a healthy level throughout the cold season.


4th winter

The most difficult task of the year for sensitive skin is winter. Temperatures below freezing regularly bring us and our outer protective cover to the verge of madness. For cold, our skin reacts with redness, scaly patches and in the worst case even with annoying itching. Our motto must therefore be: creaming, creaming, creaming ! It is important that the product of your choice is particularly rich to protect the natural skin barrier and to strengthen it in the long term.

Barrier Repair by Dermalogica ensures that your skin can regenerate and it can also fulfill its protective function .