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Hair CareNo itching again: This is the best shampoo for dry scalp

Especially frequent hair washing and hot air blow our head and dry it unwanted more and more. We reveal which shampoo works best against dry scalp .

A dry scalp shampoo finally puts an end to itching
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Can you feel it too? Yes? This slight tingling ? Or is it even an intrusive itching that you can not ignore anymore? Oh yes - that's your scalp, which speaks up. What is missing? Attention, care and ... liquid . The cause of this unpleasant feeling is not infrequently a too dry scalp. The reasons? Frequent hair washing, hot air and sun baths in salt or chlorine water promote the dryness of our sensitive scalp, which takes its revenge immediately. Once this small ecosystem is disrupted, our sebaceous glands will no longer produce enough creamy liquid. But it needs it to keep everything supple and make our hair shine. The result: Our scalp becomes dry and starts to itch horribly.

That is why it is important to find a shampoo that provides your sensitive scalp with sufficient moisture . Of course we do not leave you out in the rain during the search and present you the best shampoo for dry scalp today - all you have to do is decide which one you want to order.

Shampoo for dry scalp by Annemarie Börlind

If you permanently have a too-dry scalp, sooner or later it will affect the look of your mane. Without proper care, the hair becomes brittle and loses its shine. What can you do about it?

More moisture with a shampoo for dry scalp

An especially good shampoo was developed by Annemarie Börlind . It grabs the problem directly on the head: maple syrup, aloe vera, wheat protein and black oats provide your hair and your scalp with long-lasting moisture. To ensure that it does not dry out in the future, thanks to the linden blossom extract, a protective film is applied to every single hair. Buy the dry scalp shampoo by Annemarie Börlind now :

WUNDERWEIB-shampoo Borlind for-dry-scalp-anne marie

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Never again itchy scalp! Which shampoo really helps
Maple syrup is said to have an anti-inflammatory effect. Exactly this special property makes use of the shampoo by Annemarie Börlin .
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Dehydrated Scalp Shampoo by Dadosens

If you suffer from extremely dry or flaky skin, the Dado Sens shampoo with mild surfactants, Dead Sea salt and panthenol is the right choice for you. It gently cleanses your scalp and helps relieve annoying itching. The shampoo is also particularly gentle because it contains no silicones, paraffins and fragrances, dyes or preservatives. Completely harmless to use, it is perfectly suited for daily care. The dry scalp shampoo, Dado Sens ExtroDerm, can be ordered here:


Shampoo for dry scalp of La Mer

The sea does not necessarily have to be an enemy for your hair. Although too much salt water dries out your scalp, the ocean also provides some very nutrient-rich minerals that are great for caring. Sea silt for example . The anti-inflammatory and can calm your irritated scalp . The Med Shampoo by La Mer makes exactly this effect and relieves the feeling of tension on the head. This is also reflected in the quality of our hair: dry hair is reliably hydrated, smoother and easier to comb . Here you can order the dry scalp shampoo from La Mer :