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Combing hair properlyMore order on the head: The right hairbrush for every type

The right hairbrush not only makes us look good, it also cares for our hair and scalp. But which is suitable for your hair type?

Straight hair or curls? That's the right brush for you!
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Bad Hair Day - the epitome of a nightmare - well, or at least something very ugly. You have the most important date of your life - a promising job interview or the long-awaited date with your maybe dream partner - and your hair just does not want to lie right. They fly around wildly, looking as if you'd last combed them two weeks ago or just do not want to be tamed. CRISIS.

The only thing that can help now? Quite simply - the right hairbrush for your individual hair type. Because even if you may not really believe in it anymore, you can save everything with the right brush and a little bit of craftsmanship ! Each hair type is unique and therefore deserves a special care tailored to the needs. We'll show you which hairbrush you should buy today for a perfect mane.

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The best hairbrush for your hair type

Straight hair

Even if the owners of long curls sometimes do not want to admit so much: Smooth hair requires much more styling effort than you think. Why? Because even the smallest crooked hairs ruin the hairstyle . What passes for a long curly hair as charming and wanted, knows in a short hairstyle now really no mercy. It all depends on order.

Short or long: Your straight hair needs a bit of attention, care - and the right hairbrush: With the small round brush by Marlies Möller you can put it skillfully in scene. Simply divide individual strands of hair with the tip of the brush and gently turn on the brush. Then briefly refresh, let cool and turn out again. Incidentally, this brush is also perfect for touping, which gives your hair more volume and stability in the beginning .


Curly hair

Curly hair is often perceived by many as the non-plus ultra . Of course, these hairs also need some styling to keep them from falling out of bed - unless you're deliberately choosing the "out of bed" look.

But if you like your mane a bit more controlled, you should opt for a large round brush . This will help you to get the most out of your long curls and make extra volume ! You even get frizzy hair tamed!


Hairbrush for proper hair and scalp care

Regardless of your hair type, a good hair brush is essential for proper care . Why? Because your scalp also deserves some love. Regular combing is not only important to unraveling your hair, but also to stimulate the circulation of the scalp . Only then can your hair grow back healthy and strengthened and you can prevent split ends and bald spots in the long term .

It's best to have your hairbrush in your purse as often as possible. So you can treat yourself and your scalp in between a little massage . Of course this works only if the brush is high quality and not scratching. Practical side effect: Even styling remnants remove so easily from your hair.

The Travel Hair Brush by Marlies Möller is perfect for that. She is small but nice and can always be there.


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