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Clean clear pores - this is how it works effectively and simply

Secretly, we wish you radiant, rosy and super smooth skin. What we do not need at all: enlarged pores. We'll tell you how and with what products you can cleanse your pores.

Clean pores: Step by step to clear skin
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Probably all Sex and the City fans can remember the scene when Charlotte York reports from her SSB (for those who did not watch the show: Secret Single Behavior ). In her case: in the presence of a magnifying mirror sitting extensively examine her pores. Something that most of us know from their beauty routine. Hardly anything is at least as satisfying as a blackhead by squeezing and pressing finally in the depth to grasp . Unfortunately, the latter is not really recommended, if it goes to clean the pores. The skin can hurt and a mini-blackhead can turn into a full-blown pimple. But what does we do instead?

Clean pores and prevent blackheads

If you are wondering how it can even come to blackheads: Enlarged pores are caused by an overproduction of sebum, which settles together with dead skin cells in the pores and thus blocks and expands. Dirt particles in the air also increase the pores. If they are not cleaned regularly, pimples and blackheads sprout up.

These tips help to cleanse your pores

1. Wash face properly

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The face should be cleaned regularly - in the morning and in the evening . For sensitive skin, use a gentle cleansing milk followed by a washcloth moistened with water. A cleaning foam also removes greasy skin from dirt. A rediscovered hero when it comes to pore cleansing: bar soap for the face .

The Bamboo Charocal Facial Soap from BINU, for example, consists only of natural ingredients and even contains activated charcoal (a real anti-impurity power). It is particularly effective at cleaning pores with a facial cleansing brush.

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2. Evaporate pores

Actually, you prepare your pores with steam for the subsequent cleaning . Because of the warm and humid steam they open up . Heat a pot of water and bow your face over it. Put a towel over your head and let the steam work for about ten minutes . Then gently dry the skin. Now the pores are ready for advanced cleaning:

3. scrubs

It's best to use scrubs twice a week . Either after a facial steam bath or quite simply as a step during the evening make-up removal . Super-gentle and deep pore cleanse scrubs that work naturally and without artificial granules, such as Shiny Pumpkin Peel by V FAU . The enzyme peeling boosts cell regeneration, regenerates - and contains a unique pumpkin extract .

Incidentally, in Asia, the products of this facial care series are a huge hype. And as we all know, when Asian women are familiar with one, it is radiant, pure skin.

WUNDERWEIB Pore Cleansing Scrub

4. Masks

If you have a little time, you can apply a mask after the exfoliation . Alternatively, you spoil yourself after the facial cleansing with the same. The easiest way to use them is Sheet Masks . Nothing drips or smears and you can do whatever it takes to interact (except eating maybe, opening your mouth will be difficult ...).


5. Do not forget moisturizer!

Oily pores do not need extra moisture? That's not true! So that the sebum production does not completely spin, a balancing day and night care is ideal. Prior to rubbing in a toner, the ingredients of the cream may work better.