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Perfumes to dream into the distanceGood Note: These women's fragrances never end the summer

From fresh to flowery: These summery women's fragrances put an end to the everyday blues!

So that not only on the beach summer feelings arise: These are the best women's fragrances 2018.
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We would like to have summers personally all year long. Stare somewhere without stress on the sea and watch the sun glittering, experiencing this light and carefree existence and drinking a glass of sparkling rosé. Unfortunately, we sometimes have to leave the most beautiful holiday, although at home only the bad weather and everyday life is waiting for us.

Once again we want to dream again into the distance. How do we succeed? With our selection of the perfect women's fragrances that bring summer to our home - all year round. Smells awaken memories and can quickly revive our picture-book emotions from the last holiday. Just close your eyes, breathe in and go!

So you never have to give up your holiday feeling again, we have put together for you some of the best women's fragrances 2018 that will never end the summer.

Women's fragrances that bring us summer home

1. Innovative women's fragrances of Mrs. Toni's perfume

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If you prefer to spend your summers in the city, we would like to thank you for Mrs. Toni's perfume no. 02 "Berlin Summer" to the heart. This women's perfume reminds us of one of those balmy evenings in a bar in the neighborhood. It combines lemon with orange and a hint of peppermint, is both classic and fresh - and just as exciting as life in the capital.

WUNDERWEIB-damenduefte-woman-tonis parfum

2. Refreshing women's fragrances from Monteil

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Also the label Monteil from Paris trusts with its fragrance "La Noveau" on the strength of the new beginning. Slight citrus nuances mingle with an aroma of white flowers . The creamy vanilla note is also seductive and is rounded off with a hint of smoky amber .

This gives the perfume and you a noble, feminine component. The fragrance is reminiscent of a day in early summer when the sun has not yet risen and everything is possible.

If you prefer to freshen up your old memories, we recommend Monteils lady perfume Bel Été . This fragrance brings back your old summer love, beaming you back to the most beautiful beaches and the highest mountains. Bel Été smells like a colorful bouquet of flowers from around the world - from Hawaiian plumeria to the Indonesian ylang-ylang plant to jasmine from the heights of the Himalayas.

These floral notes are combined with aromas of apple, cedar, sandalwood, vanilla, amber and musk . With the women's fragrances of Monteil you embark on a world tour through a summer that never ends.


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