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Face CreamFour years of protection: These creams are the answer to UV radiation

UV radiation is harmful to the skin - even in winter! With these sun creams for the face you protect yourself and prevent skin aging.

Sunscreen for the face is not only important in beach holidays!
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While we take refuge in the shadows in the middle of summer to escape their rays, we miss them all the more as soon as the cold months are back: the sun. Of course, we know that she accompanies us throughout the year and - sometimes more, sometimes less - warms. Always with you: the UV rays .

When it comes to skin aging, it is these rays that are our biggest enemy. It is therefore all the more important that we, and especially our faces, that we can not hide, protect ourselves year-round enough from harmful UV radiation. That's why we've picked out some good sun creams for you (and let's be honest: also for us) that will make your skin lastingly youthful. Ready?

Good sun creams for the face

Proud Mary on sensitive skin

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Especially our face is mercilessly exposed to the environmental influences. The UV-A and UV-B rays of the sun penetrate deep into our skin. This creates the so-called "free radicals", which are so chemically active that they can destroy existing structures of our skin layers. To make matters worse, they also prevent the formation of new collagen, which gives our skin a lack of moisture and elasticity .

The face lotion from Korean label Proud Mary is one of our favorites for daily protection against harmful UV rays. With a combination of lotus flowers and over 10 other antioxidant herbal extracts, the lotion protects your skin and neutralizes free radicals before they can do the mischief. The texture is also very pleasant. The cream absorbs instantly without leaving a greasy protective film.

The best? The Daily Moisture Sun Milk is vegan and alcohol free . Thus, it is also suitable for sensitive skin types and causes no unnecessary irritation .


Laneige in combination skin and oily skin

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If you have combination skin or particularly oily skin, we recommend the Light Sun Fluid by Laneige . This sunscreen for the face is a true all-rounder and cares at the same time for various construction sites:

With SPF 50 already providing comprehensive protection for your face against UV radiation, the sunscreen also has an antibacterial effect and reduces skin irritation . It also reduces sebum production and makes it indispensable for daily use! Even water and sweat can not harm your shield.


Dermalogica for athletes and sun worshipers

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Face cream is one of those skin care products that you should always have with you. Above all, if you are particularly active in sports and spend a lot of time outdoors, a comprehensive sunscreen with a high SPF is essential. Then even for the entire body!

Protection 50 Sport by Dermalogica is especially designed for active sun worshipers . It defies water and is therefore suitable for swimming and other sweaty sports. Oleosome microspheres even enhance this effect and protect your skin from unnecessary moisture loss. Antioxidant licorice extract cares about the fight against free radicals on top . Of course, this cream absorbs super fast and is free of artificial colors and fragrances .


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