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White linen 3 x different: Tuscan motif

You need this:

  • White bed linen (eg model Blasippa from IKEA, about 29 euros)
  • 2 m Vliesofix from the roll (department store, about 7 Euro / m)
  • Approximately 0.5 meters of cotton fabric in yellow, orange, green (department store, about 8 euros / m)
  • Remaining cotton fabric in brown
  • fabric scissors
  • paper scissors
  • pencil

It's that easy:

1. Prewash and dry the sheets to keep the application better.

2. Mark the motifs on the backing paper of the Vliesofix mirror-inverted with a pencil and cut out with about 2 cm of addition.

3. Iron Vliesofix to the appropriate materials according to manufacturer's instructions. Cut out.

4. Pull off backing paper, iron landscape parts one after the other onto the bed linen.

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