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DIY idea: It's so easy to sew a table runner

This table runner is not only in the summer good mood.
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Retro charm

How about a dinner in the flowerbed? It's easy with this flowered 60s table runner.

The amount of substance is sufficient for a 0.5 x 2 m long runner. If you have a smaller table, you can also sew it smaller.

You need this for the table runner:

  • 2.80 mx 0.7 m flower fabric via
  • 5 m slant band
  • 1x red yarn
  • shears
  • chalk
  • Hand measure or ruler
  • Iron
  • sewing machine

And that's how easy it is:

1. Cut the runner 62 cm wide and 212 cm long. You need the larger seam allowance for a beautiful, clean corner of the board, which has a 5 cm wide envelope.

2. Iron on all four sides 6 cm from the edge to the left side of the fabric. Try this with a hand measure or a ruler. Then you also iron 1 cm hem to the back. Now, for the corner of the letter, fold the entire corner to the corner of the later finished corner on the right side of the fabric. Curl the resulting diagonal line and mark its endpoints with a tailor's chalk or a pen.

3. Open the corner and put the two marks on top of each other. Put a ruler on the temple edge and trace the line. You're about to sew on this line. The seam line runs at right angles to the folded edge. Stick them with needles.

4. Now you sew on the just marked line and then cut the corner to 1 cm away. You tilt the corner.

5. Iron the seam allowances apart. Then repeat steps 2 through 5 at the other three corners. Finally, turn the runner and pick out the corners with a not too sharp object (for example a knitting needle). Just step off the envelope from the left side of the fabric.

6. Now stick the red checkered bias tape to the seam line. When you get to the corners, you fold the bias binding over each other and make the corner. Close the bias binding at its left and right edges.

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