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About happiness: Deepak Chopra in an interview

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"You are your universe"

Deepak Chopra (67) is an internist and Ayurvedic doctor at the same time. He trusts both modern science and Far Eastern wisdom. In the interview, however, it becomes clear that, above all, he follows his heart.

First chakra: family and roots

How My Family lived heartfelt goodness

I remember exactly how I feared for my little brother Sanjiv. I was seven. My parents were in England for a few weeks. During this time my grandfather died. Sanjiv suddenly got terrible skin problems. Nobody could help him. Until one of the doctors finally said, "He feels vulnerable. Injured. If your parents are back, he'll be fine. "From England to India - that took three weeks by ship. But actually: Sanjiv got well. And I saw for the first time that our body and our soul are somehow connected. It should never let me go ...

I grew up in a family that was characterized by kindness, by smiles. I have never once experienced my father Krishan angry or upset. He was trained as a heart specialist in England thanks to a scholarship; the first in India. We lived in Jamalpur, but the patients came from all over the country. At the weekend he treated her for free. My mother cooked for those who had scraped together her last savings for the trip. Father bought them the return ticket. Yes, I was still a child, but I sensed that something extraordinary, selfless was happening here. My parents encouraged me to find the meaning of my existence - and to live it. Not to let myself be dissuaded from my path by the opinion of others. They truly taught me to be authentic.

That means reconciling my own, my inner opposites. Only if I succeed, if I can accept myself as I am, can I gain generosity and warmth. My parents had both equally - that's what I loved them for.

Second chakra: desire and desire

Loyalty is important - to myself

When I was 14, I fell in love with almost every girl. I can not say exactly when I first discovered my sensuality. It has unfolded gently: like the buds of leaves on a tree. In the course of my life, however, I have realized that sincere friendship is much more important than sex. Because she pursues no goal - sex already. Loyalty? I think important. In my opinion, loyalty means above all to remain true to oneself and one's values.

Third chakra: energy - the power from the middle

On the way to my inner source

Meditating - that was a leap into another world for me . I immediately began to feel light. Radiant. Independently. When you meditate, you are on the way to your inner God. Your higher self. I get strength. Even my wife and my children meditate - since then our everyday life is free from any drama. We are all more balanced. Relaxed. A few years ago, it was in Louisville, Kentucky, when I got into a robbery. Someone held a gun to my temple. He had his finger on the trigger, his hand trembling. I looked death in the eye. Still, to my astonishment, I remained completely calm inside, gave him the cash I had in my wallet, and promised not to call the police. Nothing happened to me. What saved me? I completely trusted my higher self. Then the evil can not scare you. But meditating, silence, can do so much more: It is also my source of intuition, creativity, imagination and cognition.

I can only gain insight if I look into myself. So every three months I do a week of silence. And I start every day with a two-hour meditation. Open my heart and mind and say, "Let something unforeseen happen today." I want to accept the people, situations, and circumstances as I find them - without being distracted from my own expectations. I usually go to bed at about 10 pm, sleep for half an hour and then meditate for half an hour. And that goes on all night. I never feel so tired or empty; do not know exhaustion. Although I lead a very busy life and travel a lot. However, I always keep an eye on the essentials of life: energy, love and time. So many people spend so much of their time making a lot of money to be healthy and happy. As they run after success, they get sick from the stress. A madness! We have to learn again to do only one thing. As soon as we do something "on the side", we lose energy. What we like to forget in everyday life: life is transient - like a bolt of lightning in the sky. And transience is precious because it is of extraordinary beauty. We rather enjoy fragrant roses than plastic flowers, although they last longer. The more transient, the more beautiful: That's why I try to give my life every day the utmost mindfulness.

Fourth Chakra: Love

Love - that is to recognize oneself in the other

Love is more than a mood, more than a feeling - it is the truth in the heart of the universe. The power that unites everything. There are different ingredients of love: peace, harmony, compassion, joy. When you love someone, you have the courage to say, "You are my mirror." You look into the eyes of the loved one and accept what you see - even your inadequacies. They suddenly do not seem so bad to you, because you feel carried by love. My love is Rita. She is the anchor in my life. We have been married for over 40 years. From her I learned everything about self-esteem. This feeling, when your eyes radiate, because you rest in you. You like. Satisfied with you, you are at peace. Rita shines from her soul. We do not argue with each other. Because the main reason for quarreling in a relationship is self-love, selfishness. That's why it's so hard for some people to make compromises.

It takes self-reflection to recognize and grow your own mistakes. Love has something of a vacation for me - partnership, marriage I like to compare with school. Everyday life can sometimes be tedious. You need a certain persistence. There are conflicts, disappointments - but also infinite moments of happiness. The secret of my marriage? Being tolerant and unbiased, forgiving and: absolute care - but without controlling the other.

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