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Kale makes it nice: home cooking conquers Hollywood

Gwyneth Paltrow swears by a green smoothie of green cabbage, lemon, apple and ginger.
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Kale is the star in the vegetable market. Hollywood's beauties swear by the vitamin-rich winter vegetables. Kale is good for eyes, nerves and the skin.

It is the wallflower among its relatives. The bland vegetable has long struggled with its dusty image. Known as home cooking, it is preferably at grandma's table - at least in this country. In Hollywood, kale has become the new superfood.

In one hand the kale smoothie, in the other the kale chips - Hollywood's beauties can not get enough of the vitamin-rich winter vegetables. Known to us as kale with pinkel, the trendy vegetable is popular in New York restaurants with parmesan and pomegranate seeds. Whether as a salad, smoothie or soup - the green leaves are in top form.

What makes kale so popular?

Vitamins, vitamins, vitamins - no other type of cabbage is as rich in vitamins as the kale. A cup of kale already covers 133% of the daily requirement of vitamin A. Its vitamin C content is three times that of an orange. The green leaves are good for the bones, the nerves, the eyes and the defenses. They promote cell regeneration and protect the skin.

No other food has a higher cancer protection factor than the vitamin-rich winter vegetables. It prevents allergies and inflammation . Those who eat kale over a long period calms an inflamed stomach.

Kale has almost twice the calcium content of whole milk. Calcium has a positive effect on bones, teeth, muscle and cardiac activity. Even the protein content of the green leaves is higher than that of the white drink.

What is Hollywood's beauties most happy about? The winter vegetables stimulate the burning of fat and, thanks to its high fiber content, make you full for a long time. Gwyneth Paltrow already enjoys the green leaves for breakfast. She swears by a green smoothie of kale, lemon, apple and ginger. With only 49 kcal / 100 g the kale is a real lightweight.

From now on we harvest in grandma's bed and schnibbeln what the stuff holds. Remove the green leaves from their hard stalk and process them to whatever the heart desires. Oh kale, you sweetest winter vegetables.

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