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Christian and Bettina Wulff: separation?

Christian and Bettina Wulff during the event at the racecourse near Hanover.
Photo: Imago

Exclusively "Closer"

Christian (53) and Bettina (38) Wulff were considered the glamor couple in the German political scene. Then came the "Wulff Affair" - and the jet set life was over. It was quiet around the Wulffs. Friends of the couple even speak of divorce to the magazine "Closer" ...

Since retiring from the post of Federal President on 17 February, Christian Wulff has made himself scarce. When he and his family visited the racecourse near Hanover in mid-July, many guests were shocked. The past few months have left their mark: Christian Wulff has become thin, his hair - grayer, his face - drawn by deep wrinkles. Wife Bettina hid behind a big pair of sunglasses.

The resignation and the ongoing investigations on suspicion of the benefit assumption - all this made for a lot of mockery. Wulff retired, his wife had to take care of the family alone. A confidant to "Closer": "It weighed everything on Bettina's shoulders, it's fine for a while, but it's not good for a marriage if the partner lets herself go too long, especially since Bettina suffers from all this."

A withdrawal from the limelight was out of the question for Bettina Wulff, the former First Lady. Again and again she was looking for the spotlight - for example, with friend Veronica Ferres at the Champions League final in Munich. Not at her side: Christian Wulff.

Bettina and Christian Wulff - is their marriage at the end?

The whole story can be found in "Closer", no. 33 of 8th August 2012.