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Styling Tricks This is how you look thin in a thick rope

Finally cuddle up again. Admit: Not everything is stupid in the winter. Because we love cuddly tulips. That's how thin you look - even in thick knit.

In thick knit can also look thin
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  1. 1. Put on details
  2. 2. A bit of bare skin does not hurt
  3. 3. From big to small

In thick knit you look fat. Sometimes that's true. But there are great tricks on how to look thin in a thick knit. You just have to know how!

1. Put on details

Ein dicker Strickpulli kann auch klein aussehen
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XXL sleeves, large collar or knit pattern: what distracts the eye from the thick knit, makes you visually slimmer. XXL sleeves make you look small, just like a big collar. Patterns draw attention to themselves, thus diverting attention from the large, thick, optical cord.

2. A bit of bare skin does not hurt

A neckline, a corsage or a free back: This is how you guide your eyes to bare skin and steer away from the coarse rope. The contrast makes you look optically smaller.

3. From big to small

Ein dicker Strickpulli sieht am besten aus mit engem Rock oder Hose

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With rough knits, one basic rule applies: Always combine with tight trousers or skirts. A tight leather pants looks great to beige knit. Skinny jeans and tight skirts are also great for short knit sweaters.

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