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Wall unit with integrated TV

Fully focused on entertainment

This is what true tailor-made work looks like: If shelves and living-room walls are to be adapted to the existing space, sophisticated systems are needed that can do it all.

The problem

The television plays an important role - but should not disturb the cozy character even in a small space

The solution

It has a good view, but it fits harmoniously into the room. The trick in this case is to form a whole wall unit out of just a few elements of a furniture system. The display cabinet, sideboard and shelves have been put together in such a way that the television has a correspondingly large footprint and becomes part of the wall system. The advantage of the timelessly white individual elements is that they can later be supplemented without problems to form a larger living area. Our example shows vividly that even a few elements can give a balanced overall picture.

Manufacturer: Cabinet wall system "Spectrum": Hülsta. TV: Philips. Armchair "Shaman": Ligne Roset. Coffee table "Palonia", 31.5 x 100 x 100 cm, about 420 euros, side table, in a set of 3, about 250 euros: Habitat. Sofa "DE 563 Mighty", from approx. 1205 Euro: Designo. Curtain fabric, from approx. 39 Euro / m: Ado. Curtain rod: MHZ. Table lamp "Ljusas Ysby", approx. 70 Euro, white cushion: Ikea. Table lamp (next to the sofa), about 180 Euro: Esprit about Otto Home Affaire. Carpet, 190 x 290 cm, about 230 euros: Otto Home Affaire. Solid wood flooring "Viva Antica": Joka. Pictures: Thomas Tannenberg. Green pillow: Dearest dear. Candlestick "Ocean": Butlers. Carafe: The laundry. Dwarf, green vases: House of Fitz. Bird: Patio Antiques. (As of 01/10)