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Now is the time for the fasting cure: spring cleansing for body and soul

Fasting cleanses our body. But healthy people should only be treated under medical supervision
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  1. Alternative medicine
  2. Acidified by improper diet
  3. Sauer makes you sick
  4. A week of fasting can help a lot
  5. Losing weight: a nice side effect
  6. Balance through proper nutrition

Alternative medicine

Do you feel limp and listless? Try fasting: it detoxifies your body and instantly creates new well-being.

The long, gloomy winter was in her bones - everything became a burden: the partnership was seething, she went to work listlessly, and she was constantly plagued by headaches. Sometimes Annie S. (47) took painkillers several times a day, but then felt only tired. Disappointed, she went to the doctor. The determined the pH in the blood (indicates the degree of acidity). Result: She suffered from acidosis (a hyperacidity of her blood). Probably the cause of her fatigue. The balance of her body was out of balance.

Acidified by improper diet

"The acid-base balance is important for a functioning organism, " explains the fasting expert Dr. Martha Ritzmann-Widderich of the medical association Heilfasten & Ernährung e. V., Überlingen. In cells and tissues of our body the right pH value is necessary, so that the metabolism can run off optimally. Our cells are constantly working to balance the susceptible acid-base balance. However, alcohol, sweets or meat can lead to acidification of the whole body. Sometimes the causes are also due to illness. Chronic inflammation, renal dysfunction or unrecognized diabetes can also lead to hyperacidity. Medications do the rest.

Sauer makes you sick

Acids are chemical compounds that the body has to process. Because according to the doctrine of naturopathy, the overacidification of the body is often the cause of diseases. It can lead to gastrointestinal disturbances or hinder the function of liver and bile. An acidic metabolism should also increase allergies, migraines and depressive moods! The organism burdened with acids is powerless, the affected person feels limp, can not concentrate, just as it was with Annie S.

A week of fasting can help a lot

Fasting does not just cure you. But balancing the acid-base balance is the first way back to well-being and health. Fasting is not hungry! Fasting means to cleanse the body and mind, to detoxify by reducing food intake, to get away from everyday life, to switch off and concentrate on oneself. "Some associate a longer fasting cure with meditation, to come to rest internally, " says Ritzmann-Widderich. A week is minimum for a fasting cure. The health effect: "Harmful degradation products that arise in the metabolism are washed out of the body."

The principle is simple: the fasting mainly takes vegetable soups and diluted juices, tea and water. These counteract our usual food, which leads to hyperacidity. Also helpful are special basic minerals, which are taken in the form of powder. To support detoxification, be sure to drink a lot!

Losing weight: a nice side effect

"Many also fast to get rid of a few extra pounds, " explains the expert. With a week of fasting can be two to three kilos lose weight. "So that afterwards no yo-yo effect occurs, the fasting week should be used as an introduction to a diet change, " she advises.

Balance through proper nutrition

If you want to prevent hyperacidity in the long term, you will eat more base-donors than acid-builders. "Good" foods are mainly root and leafy vegetables, potatoes and fruits. After a week of fasting, Annie S. felt completely revived and since then has been paying close attention to her diet.

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