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Daily Hygiene3 Things Intimate Wash Lotion Can Do For You!

Simply use shower gel? Please do not! That's why an intimate wash lotion is important to us.

Intimate wash lotion - let's talk about it!
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  1. This care helps
  2. That's why we swear on intimate wash lotion
  3. And you can also use these products wonderfully for care in the home area:

Half the day we are busy with the care of our body . Cream here, cream there, peeling, deep cleansing ... Main thing down with all the dirt. This is very laudable, you sure smell great, but have you ever wondered if you can also cultivate too intense?

We are not talking about washing, but in some places of our body, some bacteria are even wanted. For example, in the genital area ! And that's why he needs a special care that is tailored to the specific needs of the vagina: like an intimate wash lotion .

We show you today what an intimate wash lotion can do for you and your well-being - and what you should pay attention to when buying .

This care helps

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That's why we swear on intimate wash lotion

1. It provides the right pH

Our genital area is an exciting microcosm. The vaginal environment has its own bacterial balance - and these bacteria are by no means harmful. On the contrary, the mucous membrane itself produces lactic acid bacteria and this acidic environment ensures that viruses and fungi are fought . Very handy!

For perfumed, non- pH-neutral or basic baths, it's important to stay away from your vagina. But if you do not want to rely solely on the purifying power of water, you should definitely choose an intimate wash lotion that works to regulate pH and rebalance your natural vaginal flora.

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The product of our choice? The intimate wash lotion from Australian Bodycare . The bottom brings everything in order - and moisturizes, softens itching and thanks to tea tree oil only reduces the bacteria that produce unpleasant odors:

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2. It moisturizes

When there is not enough moisture in the genital area, everyday life quickly becomes an uncomfortable affair. With a pH-regulating intimate wash lotion you can do a lot for the balance of the vaginal milieu. However, if this is not enough, you can help out with a special moisturizing treatment.

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The Femigel by Australian Bodycare is water based and 100 percent natural . With this cure you get complaints such as itching and dryness even faster Get a grip on it and quickly regain your old sense of comfort. By the way, all body care products from Australian Bodycare have also been dermatologically and gynecologically tested and approved .

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3. It protects against shaving

Another challenge that regularly awaits us in the genital area: shaving pimples . If the individual hairs are planed away, it is not uncommon that the upper skin layer is irritated or even injured . If bacteria accidentally get into these mini-wounds, inflammations and even red fries will be the worst case.

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Therefore, it is advisable to gently remove the bacteria with an intimate wash lotion before shaving. One of our favorites here is the Before Shaving Lotion by Australian Beaut y. While lactic acid and vitamin C clean thoroughly, the anti-bacterial effect of the tea tree oil contained soothes your skin and protects it from irritation.

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And you can also use these products wonderfully for the care in the genital area:

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