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Hand care for the whole yearSpecial hand cream 2018: slug and caviar?

Do you already have a really good and special hand cream ? These are our four favorites for 2018 - and they're in the Wunderweib Shop!

Hand cream - our daily companion!
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Hand cream . Of course, you always have it with you. Thanks to regular care, the problem with dry hands can be dealt with relatively quickly. Simply apply daily, let it work in and your hands are supple again like a plate by Lionel Richie. But hand cream is not the same as hand cream. It's all about the ingredients - and there are a few exciting innovations on the market that are not only appalling, but actually quite exciting.

That's why we've selected four tubes of hand cream for you, which are guaranteed to be trendy this year - but you probably did not expect their ingredients that way.

Our four favorites among hand creams:

WUNDERWEIB-hand cream

1. This fragrance!

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Perhaps the most important thing about a hand cream? The smell! And it has it with the hand cream from Duft & Doft in itself. The extraordinary combination of magnolia and tangerine is so refreshing and at the same time pure luxury . Of course, it will also be supple - thanks to vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, lily flower water, extracts of algae, Japanese elm and shea butter, your hands will be silky smooth in no time.

And it is also an eye-catcher: The beautiful tube of the Japanese label makes perfect in your handbag - and outside!

WUNDERWEIB-hand cream-coral passion

2. Olive leaf extract

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The next trend label we want to introduce you to is Oliveda . All products that produce them take advantage of the miracle weapon Olive Leaf Extract. Olives? In hand cream? Is not that an oily matter?

On the contrary, the hand cream B13 Anti-Aging absorbs super fast and provides maximum moisture . Antioxidants contained in the olive leaf extract also actively slow down the aging process and make your hands not only smooth and gentle, but also visually rejuvenated.

WUNDERWEIB-hand cream-Oliveda

3. Slime mucus

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Now it's getting exciting on the trend front. There are many things we would smear on the skin. What does not really belong to it: slug .

But the Korean label Tony Moly focuses on just that - and promises us beautiful hands. Snail slime is pretty much the most exciting thing in the cosmetics industry right now. The snails are fed with gold-fermented green tea and then the slime is extracted from it for the hand cream. What initially sounds a bit unusual (or even disgusting ), is just turning into the number one trend product for stressed, chapped and dry skin .

WUNDERWEIB-hand cream-fermentedsnail-TONYMOLY

4. Peach shape

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How sweet is that? No, not the hand cream, but the packaging (well and the dog)! In conclusion, we have one more - in the truest sense of the word - a little highlight for you. This hand cream by Tony Moly is available in the sweetest packaging in the world : as a peach!

It is less surprising then that a fruity cream for the hands is hidden in the small peach. Peach and apricot extracts combine with shea butter and maintain the hands and cuticles without fat . Perfect for your handbag.

WUNDERWEIB-hand cream-TONYMOLY-peach

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