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Getting rid of or getting used to it - that way you can remove stretch marks if they bother you

Stretch marks mean mental stress for many women and men. We'll show you three ways to remove the scars.

Stretch marks are completely natural. Nevertheless, we would sometimes feel more self-conscious without them
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Our skin tells a story. Our scars and moles - they are all milestones of life and associated with the one or the other story that we sometimes even tell our closest friends. On the other hand, we do not like to talk about that: stretch marks . This is actually totally unnecessary - anyway they are synonymous for something.

Whether through pregnancy, weak connective tissue or sudden heavy weight gain - stretch marks are a natural reaction of the skin when it is overstretched. Due to this special stress the blood vessels of the lower skin layer become visible and cause reddish-shimmering stripes. The abdomen, thighs and chest are particularly vulnerable, but other parts of our body may be affected as well.

And although we know rationally that stretch marks are not bad, sometimes we just can not see them any more and would feel better if they were less obvious. You are the same? Then we show you today three skin care products that reduce stretch marks and restore your skin shape.

Remove stretch marks - that's how it works

1. Cream by Jean D'Arcel

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Stretch marks can be a tough test - not just for our skin. The stripes sometimes stretch over the entire body and give us a few worry lines. What helps against stretch marks?

Above all, it is very important to provide the skin with sufficient moisture - from the inside through sufficient fluid intake and from the outside by the right care products . Thus, the skin regains its natural elasticity and unloved stripes fade.

For example, the cream Performance-Fermente from the label Jean D'Arcel can help. The is particularly rich and has thanks to the contained plant extracts a particularly firming effect . Thus, the cream contributes significantly to remove stretch marks.

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2. Serum by Isabelle Lancray

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More helps more! At least that's true with so many care product! In concentrated form, some active ingredients can indeed develop even better and faster in your skin layers . Removing stretch marks is almost child's play.

If you opt for the serum from the French label Isabelle Lancray, you invest in a veritable turbo booster. Seaweed extracts combined with a herbal active ingredient mix stimulate cell metabolism and purify the body. For the best results, it is important to massage the serum daily on the problem areas and you will notice how streaks and cellulite are visibly reduced.

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3. Bust Firming Serum by Ayer

Especially the areas of our body are susceptible to stretch marks, where we first put on love handles. First of all: our breasts . Therefore, they also need special care to get back into shape after pregnancy or gaining weight.

A secret weapon is the Bust Firming Serum by Ayer . This special concentrate brings back to your tissue more resilience and stability . Visually, this is even noticeable by a lift effect. Part of this care is especially helpful when removing stretch marks: Echinacea extract . This boosts collagen production and helps build the supportive tissue that is so important to keep our skin in shape and reduce and prevent stretch marks.

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