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Undress me: strangers undress for the first time

What happens when 20 strangers undress ...
Photo: YouTube / Tatia Pilieva

The hot "First Kiss" successor

Followed by kisses, at least when it comes to director Tatia Pilieva. In the "First Kiss" follow-up video, it's the candidate's job to do the laundry.

Almost four months ago, a video was on everyone's lips: In "First Kiss", 20 strangers kissed for the first time - at least that's what they said . As it turned out later, the whole thing was an advertising campaign for a fashion brand and the strangers actually more familiar faces. This did not detract from the exciting message of the video.

For what happens when strangers share intimate moments with each other? They giggle, are helpless and shy - that is exactly how it is to be seen in "Undress me" . The only task of the protagonists is to undress their counterpart and to go to bed with him. Nothing else. The result is a video full of crackling and tension. Whether that is played, or again just a publicity stunt, is hard to say.

Watching the encounters was definitely fun! The whole video is down below.

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