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Men's Dutt: Not Just Hipsters Wear "Man Bun

Especially with him: More is more. At least as far as facial and head hair is concerned. Dutt and Beard are in. Still.
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How you look again!

Real guys wear now ... hair bun: the men-Dutt or "Man Bun". Why it's so fashionable - and what we'll see next year.

Should acute morning hair shortage prevail in your morning: just take a look at the back of your sweetheart. Maybe he is already one of the followers of the " Man Bun " . This men's hairstyle is the reason why women are suddenly worried about their braids and as a precaution bring two packs of conditioners from the store.

For men are increasingly enjoying the care and styling of their hair. From now on you can not only exchange nice words, but also tips for hair breeding with your loved one.

Why long hair and the male-bun are just the must-have for men? "Because it exudes youthfulness, " says trend researcher Peter Wippermann. Because whether we enjoy it or not: "Even seasoned guys want to look as fresh as possible for as long as possible." The best example: football coach J├╝rgen Klopp, who had his hair transplanted to conceal the spread of his receding hairline.

It is thanks to this yearning for youth that men will probably say goodbye to the full beard trend next year. It makes you look a lot more mature than you are. For the three days beard comes back. He is casual-sexy, and charmingly reminiscent of the first attempts to leave a beard as a teen.

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