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Crafting with shells: Decoration tip by Sonya Kraus

Photo: Screenshot Sonya Kraus

Sonya Kraus makes shells

What to do with all the shells from the last holiday? Handicraft! This week, Sonya Kraus reveals her insider's tip for beautiful shell pictures.

You also have maritime souvenirs from the last holiday, with which you unfortunately do not know much to do? Then this week Sonya Kraus has just the right decoration tip for you.

In her series Sonya's Secrets, the presenter and DIY expert reveals a new tip every week to make your everyday life more beautiful, easier or more practical. The topic this week: make shell pictures yourself .

In the video below Sonya reveals how you can make a decorative picture with just a few simple steps from the shells from your last holiday. All you need is a picture frame, some paint, a lot of shells and a hot glue gun. We wish you a lot of fun crafting the shell pictures !

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