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Cheap trend outfits under 100 euros

Blazer and chain over Orsay
Photo: Orsay
  1. A complete, hip outfit for less than 100 euros?
  2. Cheap outfits: casual in knitwear
  3. Cheap Outfits: Elegant in Bordeaux
  4. Cheap outfits: feminine bohemian style
  5. Cheap outfits: Chic in pastel

A complete, hip outfit for less than 100 euros?

Shopping is fun! Fashionable and extremely cheap - for these complete outfits there is still some space in the closet ...

Cheap outfits : casual in knitwear

The new stitches are now combined with each other. Eco-Alarm? Not with jewelery, pleated trousers and boots.

The mustard yellow, fitted sweater surprises with its rustic pattern. Ca.19 €, Gr. XS-XL, C & A

Casual knit coat with practical pockets. Approximately 19.95 €, Gr. XS-XL, Gina Tricot

Shining example: pleated trousers made of synthetic fiber mix. Approximately 26 €, Gr. 34-50, Dorothy Perkins

Comfortable ankle boot with elastic inserts. Approximately € 29.95, Gr. 36-41, New Yorker

Geometry lesson: graphic plugs in silver and gold. Approximately 3, 95 €, Six

Total: 98.85 euros

Cheap Outfits : Elegant in Bordeaux

Do not feel like permanent black? Then noble Bordeaux is perfect for you! With statement necklace, pencil skirt and pumps even an otherwise casual sweatshirt fits.

Loose-fitting sweater with wavy textured pattern. Approximately 39, 99 €, Gr. 32-44, H & M

Figure-hugging stretch skirt made of easy-care synthetic fiber. Approximately 26 €, Gr. 34-42, Topshop

Velvety suede-look pumps with pretty bow. Approximately 9, 99 €, Gr. 36-41, Ital design

Red like love: XL necklace with sparkling pendants. Approximately € 9.99, H & M

Total: 85.97 euros

Cheap outfits : feminine bohemian style

Flower dresses are also an issue in winter fashion. With faux fur and high boots it's not too girlish, but just right.

Loose viscose dress with sophisticated flounces on the sleeves. Approximately 29, 99 €, Gr. 34-46, H & M

Cool faux fur vest with a tie belt made of imitation leather. Approximately 39.95 €, Gr. XS-XL, New Yorker

Knee high boots with trendy quilting. Approximately 18 €, Gr. 36-41, Ital design

Delicate tie: metal necklace with cute bird pendant. Approximately 8, 99 €, mango

Total: 96.93 euros

Cheap outfits : Chic in pastel

Delicate rosé, cool blue and soft turquoise - these ice tones harmonize well with each other and brighten your mood.

Straight cut wool mix coat. Approximately 45 €, Gr. 34-46, New Look

The flowing blouse is perfectly matched to the ballerina. Approximately 9, 95 €, Gr. XS-XL, New Yorker

Creased cotton trousers with stretch. Approximately 19, 99 €, Gr. 36-46, Order No .: 91299695, Bonprix

Detailverliebt: Ballerina imitation leather with decorative metal elements. Approximately 11, 99 €, Gr. 36-41, Ital design

Nice uptight hair: earrings with glass stones. Approximately 12, 95 €, I am

Total: 99.88 euros

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