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Letters decoration: smart with characters

Photo: deco & style

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These deco ideas are literally beautiful to look at ...

From A as apart to Z as enchanting - the German alphabet offers us 30 different protagonists for designing.

Actually even 60, if one includes the lowercase letters. And they do not have to hide behind their "big" colleagues, as the little G and D prove below.

Letter -Deco: Charming on the wall?

Competition for works of art: Initial (eg via according to the manufacturer's instructions on the wall fix and stick a motif tattoo as the butterfly.

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Letter Deco: Colorful pit stop

Draw letters in reverse order on the backside of wrapping paper, cut them out and put them on cardboard boxes with double-sided adhesive tape - and then there are original police officers.

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Letter -Deco: ABC exhibition

To print pictures in different fonts, sizes and colors and print on white or construction paper, group them in a simple frame on the wall.

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Letter Deco: class on the cup

Using a pencil and stencil, outline the letter outline on the vessel, retighten with porcelain pencil and fill in. Attention: Some colors have to be baked in the oven.

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