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Loafers live healthier - and this is how it works!

Let us all be lazybones!
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Become a professional loafer - it's healthier than you know it

Loafers can not get things done? No way! Investigations prove exactly the opposite: who masters the idleness, is capable of high achievements.

Nowadays everything seems to be racing: the cars are getting faster, the internet faster, time seems to evaporate. That's why we believe that we have to do something meaningful with our free time - nobody wants to be a lazybones anymore.

Doing sports, meeting friends, going shopping, learning a language and reading the new bestsellers. Then yes, the movie is still running, a new play is listed and actually you would have to visit the family again. In other words: the leisure stress dominates us!

Our lifetime is limited, already clear, so it should be used well. But all in all, all that is not relaxing, if we are honest. But that's what we need in the stressful time because then: Just do nothing!

Psychologists, management trainers, doctors and life counselors have unearthed an ancient Chinese wisdom that is more relevant today than ever: "Nothing is left unturned when it comes to making things", she says.

Biologists can only confirm that - and even emphasize the health aspect of doing nothing. Because what happens to our body is, according to research a lot:

- the blood pressure is lowered

- promoted circulation

- the energy balance improved

- the stress level is reduced

- Strengthened the immune system

All in all, lazybones are actually healthier! One more reason to do it. If you now believe that nothing is easier than that: Far from it! Especially in industrialized countries like Germany, sweet idleness is mocked.

Doing nothing is like lounging and who wants to be called lazy? The bad conscience creeps in, the voice in the back of our head makes us reproach, why we do not begin, meaningful 'with our time.

But as meaningless as we think, doing nothing is not at all, says sociologist Frédéric Lenoir: "In these periods when I relinquish pressure, my mind recharges new energy." According to Lenoir, after a period of idleness, one is more efficient at work, "about ten times as high, " says Lenoir, who with his bay "What is a happy life?" landed a bestseller.

The New York lifestyle reporter and author Karen Salmansohn goes further, claiming, "By pausing and doing nothing, you can move faster - and you can make smarter decisions." The reason: If you just do nothing and let your thoughts wander, you come to the craziest ideas - and perhaps unconsciously to solutions to problems, but if one activity follows another, there's no time for thoughts.

Here are 7 tips to help you become a professional loafer:

1. Sit back and close your eyes for five minutes.

2. Think of a situation in which you felt comfortable (eg the last vacation).

3. It helps many people to enjoy relaxing music - preferably only melodies, without singing.

4. Watch your breathing as you inhale and exhale.

5 . Make this 5-minute relaxation your ritual (eg, always at bedtime or every morning before you start the day).

6. At some point you are so well-versed that you learn to forget the time and increase the rest time to ten, twenty, thirty minutes.

7 . A walk through nature can help them (best without listening to music - listen to the twittering birds, pay attention to your breathing, sometimes to the rhythm of your steps).

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