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Broken Heart Syndrome Music icon Judith Jersey is fighting for her life

Terrible news from hit-song-pair Mel and Judith. The beloved singer Judith Jersey is struggling for her life after a "broken heart" infarction.

Judith and Mel are the dream couple of the hit song
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  1. Judith is in a coma after Broken Heart infarction
  2. What is the Broken Heart Syndrome?
  3. Judith and Mel: (too) full schedule?

Only a few weeks ago, Judith (67) and Mel (75) were together on the "Everyday Sunday" stage. Merry as ever, the dream couple of the hit world thrilled the audience with their hit "Like a bang". A proverbial bang came as well : Judith Jersey has suffered a life-threatening stress infarction.

Judith is in a coma after Broken Heart infarction

The doctors had to put her in an artificial coma. Because Judith is fighting for her life! "We just need our strength for us and for the life of Judith, " affirms husband Mel the Bunten. Judith is said to be in a clinic in Oldenburg.

Everytime on Sundays

What is the Broken Heart Syndrome?

A stress infarct is also called stress cardiomyopathy or " broken heart syndrome", ie broken heart syndrome. Symptoms are similar to acute myocardial infarction: pulling pain in the arms, nausea and extreme tightness of the chest. In extreme cases, the "broken heart" can even lead to death. Experts estimate that about five percent of patients die. The trigger is extreme emotional stress - more positive or negative.

Stress relax

Judith and Mel: (too) full schedule?

In November, Judith and Mel celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Since 1990 they have been performing together as a hit duo. After 30 years they are in demand as never before: On their homepage almost every week live performances are announced for the next months. Next year we should go on a fan cruise.

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