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SchlagerstarANDREA BERG surprises with MEGA News!

Andrea Berg fans beware! Shortly before the start of her MOSAIK Live Arena Tour, Andrea Berg has great news for her fans: you can experience the pop singer exclusively before the show! You have to do that ... Great news from Schlager ngerin Andrea Berg! Photo: Alexander Hassenstein / Getty Images The year started well for Andrea Berg fans: In spring, the pop singer conquered the charts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with her album "MOSAIK"


Crochet PatternCrochet ice cream with ice cream cone

Here you can download the entire manual. Height: approx. Photo: DROPS Design 19 cm You need this: DROPS PARIS from Garnstudio 50 g color 26, dark beige 50 g color 17, natural 50 g color 33, pink DROPS COTTON VISCOSE by Garnstudio 50 g color 08, pink 50 g color 26, maroon DROPS CROCHET NO. 3 fiberfill CROCHET INFO: Cone: Start every round with 3 ch (replace 1st tr) and finish with 1 sl st in 3rd ch from beg of round


Making banana ice cream yourself - 1 ingredient!

Photo: Fotolia Simple ice cream recipe The simplest ice cream in the world - a homemade banana ice cream made from just 1 ingredient. Super healthy, super creamy and made super fast - so we like bananas best. Our favorite summer sin: ice cream. One bullet today, two tomorrow, three the day after tomorrow


Sponge cake: Quick cup cake

Photo: RFF Chocolate nut cake Everyone gets our fizz cake. The ingredients are measured in a cup, the mineral water makes it particularly fluffy. The quick recipe. Sometimes it's the simple things in life that taste the best. A cup of cocoa, two cups of ground hazelnut kernels, followed by a cup of mineral water - does anyone get it, right


Dessert Watermelon Sorbet

Wonderful for the summer: refreshing watermelon sorbet! Photo: Keller, Lilli content ingredients for 4 persons Preparation, about 45 minutes Nutrition Info ingredients for 4 persons 1 stalk of lemongrass 100 g of sugar 1/4 (about 1 kg) watermelon Juice of 1 lime 1 egg white (size M) 400 ml Prosecco lemon balm Preparation, about 45 minutes Wash 1 lemongrass and halve lengthwise


Fast and healthy pasta with broccoli and lemon

Photo: loveandlemons ingredients for 4 persons 500g of whole wheat spaghetti, 2 organic broccoli, 2 tbsp olive oil, 6 garlic flowers, 2 drops of lemon juice, 2 teaspoons of hemp seeds, 2 tsp chili, Salt and pepper, 2 bunch of basil, possibly Parmesan Preparing paste with broccoli and lemon 1. Cut the broccoli into small pieces 2


It's so easy to make a chocolate pack

Baking is not your thing, but chocolate is? Then this simple trick will blow you away. So tasty and so simple: chocolate pudding Photo: Istock content Step 1 step 2 step 3 Step 4 Step 5 It was not that easy to conjure up a delicious chocolate mess. And best of all: you do not need more than 4 ingredients and you can easily leave the blender in the cupboard


What are the holes in the spoons for?

Every spoon hole has its meaning Photo: iStock content It depends on the spoon ... Spaghetti spoon / spaghetti server Rührlöffel It depends on the spoon ... There are wooden spoons in all shapes, colors and materials. For some, one wonders: Is this art or does it make sense? For example, if the spoons have holes.


Healthy Fast Food: 13 Burger Recipes

Anything but unhealthy or boring. Chips and cranberries for that special something. content Schnitzel burger Roast pork burger with Texasso e Jerk burger with mango salsa and cucumber and tomato salad Cheddar burger with paprika mayonnaise and potato wedges Burger with goat's cream cheese and cucumber mint salsa Super burger with soft tomato sauce Eggplant Parmesan Burger Steakburger from the grill Healthy chicken burger Burgers with grilled vegetables Toasti burger with chicken fillet Stacking allowed Once a burger, please - with colorful vegetables, spicy cheese and toasted bread


Sausage goulash Recipe: Tasty and easy!

Photo: My favorite recipe Delicious sausage goulash with potatoes and carrots Sausage goulash recipe: This recipe is fast, tastes super delicious and is really cheap! Be sure to try! Sausage goulash for 4 persons (preparation time: approx. 40 minutes): 500 g potatoes 500 g of carrots salt 1 beer sausage ball (spherical boiled sausage, 400-500 g) 2 onions 2 tablespoons oil 2 tablespoons tomato paste 20 g of flour 750 ml vegetable broth 250 ml of milk pepper ½ bunch of parsley 100 g of grated Emmentaler cheese Step 1: Peel the potatoes and carrots.


Crunchy potato peels

Potato peels are not necessarily in the trash ;-) Photo: iStock Potato peels for nibbling This treat is done quickly: crispy potato peels from the oven! They are suitable as an appetizer, snack or side dish for lunch. And the workload? Minimal! What you need: - potato peels - half a tablespoon of olive oil - a teaspoon of paprika - salt & pepper - Spices of your choice (How about some oregano or caraway


Stuffed kohlrabi

Ingredients for 2 persons Photo: iStock 80 g brown rice and wild rice with 5 cereals (7-grain Equilinia) salt 2 kohlrabi 3 medium sized tomatoes 2 stalk (s) dill 1 potty chervil 2 tablespoons cream cheese with herbs of Provence coarse pepper 1 onion 1/4 l of tomato juice Sweet paprika sugar Preparation, about 60 minutes 1


Red lentil salad with sheep's cheese

Photo: Food & Photo / Andreas Ahnefeld content ingredients for 4 persons Preparation, about 30 minutes Ernhrungsinfo ingredients for 4 persons 250 g red lentils salt pepper 1 stick of leek 75 g bacon (bacon) 1 tbsp oil 2-3 tablespoons white wine vinegar 1/2 teaspoon vegetable broth (instant) 1 teaspoon dried thyme 100 g sheep's cheese possibly thyme for garnish Preparation, about 30 minutes 1


Puff pastry quiche: enjoy a hearty snack

Especially delicious is a piece of puff pastry quiche with a glass of dry Pinot Blanc. Photo: RFF content Quiche with green asparagus and goat's cheese Tomato quiche with chicken and pesto Sea quiche with coconut milk Quiche with salsify and chorizo Asparagus with olives and chili sour cream Tex-Mex Hack Qucihe Puff pastry cheese quiche Puff pastry quiche with spinach and tomatoes Puff pastry quiche with ham, mangetout and carrots Puff pastry quiche with shrimp, spring onions and dill Puff pastry quiche with mushrooms, bacon and thyme Fast quiche recipes A puff pastry quiche is the best alt


Pizza Spaghetti: A dream of pasta and pizza

A mix of pizza and spaghetti? Anbetungswrdig Photo: iStock If you like pizza and spaghetti, you'll love pizza spaghetti! You like pasta? You enjoy every piece of pizza? Then you'll love this mix: pizza spaghetti! The perfect mix of your favorite dishes - so every kid eats their plate. You need these ingredients: - 340 grams of spaghetti - 3 eggs - half a cup of milk - 1 tbsp


Thilo Bakes: The Perfect Blueberry Cheesecake!

Photo: private Holy Mother of Cheesecake Basically, cheesecake always works somehow. But when I bake a Blueberry cheesecake with THIS recipe, there is not a piece left! The floor 250 grams of hearty biscuits 100 grams of melted Chop the butter biscuits and mix with the butter. In a 26 cm Springform press as a ground


Strawberry Yogurette Pie: Fruits Dream with Chocolate

The perfect cake for spring and summer - with fresh strawberries and crispy chocolate! Photo: Först, City Food & Photo, Hamburg content Fresh strawberries + chocolate yogurette = a cake dream! ingredients preparation Fresh strawberries + chocolate yogurette = a cake dream! A delicious strawberry cream combined with fresh strawberries and chocolate-fresh yogurette - this cake is a real spring dream!


Asparagus pancakes, quiche & noodles: 5 simple asparagus recipes

Soon, the asparagus season is open with us! And until the delicious vegetables are harvested from us, we shorten the waiting time with these 5 tasty recipes - from asparagus pancakes over noodles to quiche. Delicious! These asparagus recipes with pancakes, quiche and noodles will never leave our heads


It's so easy to make glass noodle salad yourself

Glass noodle salad is super fast and is totally delicious Photo: Istock Mhhhh, glass noodle salad! The fresh, healthy salad is our absolute favorite in Asia Glass noodle salad is the new Asian trend. In almost every hip restaurant you can now find it on the menu. No wonder: The combination of limes, coriander and peanuts is just too delicious


Thilo bakes: From today I keep (back) diary

Thilo rocks! For his baking, he is celebrated by the Wunderweib editorial staff! Photo: private Thilo is baking "Thilo, your cake is so delicious again. Make some kind of cake diary for Wunderweib. "" Yes, I do, but I can not bake. "" But that's just great! " Actually, I wanted to be a rock star, as a child maybe inventor


Thilo bakes: The perfect chocolate cake

For most people today, brownie is the epitome of a good chocolate cake anyway. But everyone has been disappointed at least once by a purchased brownie or by a bad recipe. Sooo delicious and juicy. The Swedish chocolate cake makes you addicted! Photo: private Just so we are here on one page: Dry brownies are not clear


Store food properly: Nothing will be bad!

Photo: iStock Are your foods getting bad fast? Maybe you are storing it wrong Time and time again, you have to throw away food because they have gone bad too fast? Maybe you are storing it wrong! That's right. Every German throws away nearly 82 kilos of food a year. According to a study by the Fraunhofer Institute, fruit and vegetables, but also dairy products, often end up in garbage

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