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Thilo bakes: The perfect chocolate cake

For most people today, brownie is the epitome of a good chocolate cake anyway. But everyone has been disappointed at least once by a purchased brownie or by a bad recipe.

Sooo delicious and juicy. The Swedish chocolate cake makes you addicted!
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Just so we are here on one page: Dry brownies are not clear! Since most of them agree anyway. But also "breezy" and "easy" are not really on the priority list at the top. We can just as well take standard Muttis chocolate cake recipe. And with these oldschool chocolate cake I always have to think of my grandmother. It always looked great, was juicy and fluffy, but tasted primarily only soda, which is why we have lovingly renamed this family recipe in "soda cake". No, I wanted more than just a marble cake without the light.

A legend from the north

After all, I am a junkie with a claim. There must be more. But as soon as you look for recipes, these baking professionals and professional motivators require one to separate eggs, melt chocolate, beat egg whites stiffly (by hand only! Never machine!), Waterbath, preheat oven to 172.3 degrees and halfway sprinkle with sacred water, make nut butter, sift through and never make at full moon.

We remember: I can not bake! But at least I knew a person who masters the perfect chocolate cake. Felicitas lived in Sweden for several years and brought secret recipes from the wasteland. She likes the idea that she has survived a trip through the snow to a secret cave, where the wise master of chocolate cake was waiting with a truly magical recipe.

The truth is that this fabulous chocolate cake is a classic Swedish recipe that goes by the name of Kladdkaka. The "mud cake". "Yeah, Thilo, you can get it too. It's easy. "-" But you know that I really have no idea. "-" Believe me - you'll get THAT. "

Perfection in 30 minutes

And she should be right. After all, this fabulous recipe is from the magical grandpa from the Ice Cave (could have been Santa Claus, if I think about it) and is passed on to a chosen one only every 100 years. The recipe is so simple that we do not even need a scale.

A measuring cup is quite sufficient, because the Arctic chocolate goblets maintain their information apparently in milliliters to write down.

And this is how it looks like:
300ml sugar
200ml of flour
100ml cocoa
2 eggs
150 g of melted butter
optional 1 sip of rum

And that should be everything? Yes! For real? Yes! And what tricks do you have to do with it? Nothing but the ingredients to stir. Okay, admittedly, there is a small matter to note: In a standard springform pan (about 26 cm diameter), the 2cm high cake in a preheated oven at 175 degrees for 16:30 minutes baking. So set stopwatch on the phone. In 30 minutes, a fantastic chocolate tart comes out with the simplest means and little effort - or even brownies, if you cut it into rectangular pieces.

If you feel like it, the Tarte still tops this topping:

150 ml of cream with 200 g dark chocolate (break into pieces) in the microwave for about 4 minutes. Stir, stir, stir. Pour over it, lick spoons and feel wonderfully guilty.

But here's the little devil on my shoulder saying, "Come on! Only cake is boring! "And I'm sure: Even if this Swedish sanctuary is awesome, I'm by no means alone with Kladdkaka ...

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