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Absurd GrundMutter from USA horrified: teacher instructs kindergarten child to change clothes

In the US, an educator has moved a child without consultation. The mother had previously sent the girl with dress to kindergarten. When she picked up her daughter from kindergarten, she wore jeans and a T-shirt. The reasoning is absurd ...

In the US, a girl was moved to kindergarten because her dress was supposed to be too chaste.
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The weather was warm and sunny when Emily Stewart from the state of Minnesota took her daughter Harmony to kindergarten. The girl wore a dress, but came back with jeans and a T-shirt. The director of the facility had ordered the five-year-old to move. The mother vented her anger on Facebook.

"The picture on the left shows what my daughter wore this morning ... The picture on the right is what I picked her up in (...) I sent her with a light sweater over the dress and the jeans underneath is a new dress she got from her grandma and she really wanted to wear it, "Emily Stewart writes in her post. But then a supervisor sent the girl to kindergarten leadership. There she was told to cover her body and put on a T-shirt. "What exactly is the privilege on the shoulders of a five-year-old? ... Why was her dress initially considered an inappropriate outfit? It's five, why is she being sexualized? " The angry mother asks. Harmony had to cry because she was about to change clothes and did not understand why she was not allowed to wear the dress.

Mother goes public - with this consequence

Emily kicked off a discussion on Facebook. She got over 43, 000 likes, more than 11, 000 users commented on what had happened. Most of them agreed with the mother, some could not understand the excitement. The station 'Fox9' finally became aware of the story and reported on the case. As a result, the kindergarten actually changed the rules: from now on, educators are not allowed to decide what children are allowed to wear and what not.

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