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Miley Cyrus spent fortune on weight loss

Slim at any cost: Miley Cyrus does not want any rounding

Miley Cyrus / ©

It's one thing when you're constantly rebellious, talking publicly about your drinking and smoking habits, and mimicking the cool celebrity that does not bow to convention. It is worse, however, if one is caught in the process of violating one's own principles and thereby becoming completely unbelievable in one go. Miley Cyrus had aroused enthusiasm the other day when she supported her friend Demi Lovato and said she loved every ounce of her full-bodied figure. Then, the "Can not Be Tamed" singer compared the photo of an anorexic model to a shot of Marilyn Monroe and again demanded that women should be able to look feminine and have curves. Miley Cyrus falls into the slimming craze and makes herself completely implausible. Great approach, really, but unfortunately it has now become known that Miley Cyrus himself has just invested a fortune to cut down in a few weeks properly. It costs what it wanted, was the motto, as the 19-year-old turned to star coach Harley Pasternak, as fast as possible to lose pounds. quotes a confidant: "Miley spent an estimated $ 50, 000 to lose seven pounds in just a few weeks. She did not care what it would cost, as long as she looks good. "Big sound, and then even the slimming delusion - really bad action, Miley, for which we can take you even less seriously than usual. The story with the natural breasts we do not believe you anymore! SE