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Now come Birkenstock boots and sneakers!

Previously disdained as health gossips, flat sandals celebrated their stylish comeback a few seasons ago!
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Birkenstock now also makes sneakers, socks and boots

Birkenstocks are booming. And that does not change this summer either. Yes, surprise! Because the classic mountain pine gets competition. Birkies are now also available as sneakers and boots. How that looks, we show here.

Probably the hottest trend of all time is not from Hollywood, but from Rhineland-Palatinate. For over 240 years, there are the classics that has already worn our great-grandmother. But what used to be considered unsexy for decades has been the rage for several seasons now . First on the catwalks, then in the pedestrian zone. And so much is already betrayed: Even in the summer of 2015, the German mountain pines mega announced. Almost every shoe label has its own Schlappen version on offer .

Birkenstock even thinks a step further and designs - beware - now also sneakers , boots and even socks . In an interview with The New Yorker, Birkenstock's US CEO David Kahan says, "I use 'Birkenstock' as a verb. Sneakers are a big trend right now, so we've got them tied up, we're birching Doc Martens and Biker Boots."

And even more: this fall, the company launches its own range of socks, specially designed for wearing in the Birkenstock classics . Whether the new models arrive? The chances are good. Because Birkenstocks is booming, it has something to do with the fact that flat shoes have been extremely hip for a long time. People also want this casualness in the summer and continue to wear shoes that do not constrict. Whether this can also be transferred to closed footwear? Clear. If that then fool the It-girls and pimp their comfortable shoes stylish, nothing stands in the way of the broad trend.

These summer models are already available for purchase: mustard yellow sneaker "Arran" about 120 Euro. Red slipper "Skye" about 120 euros. Desert boat "Harris" (for men) about 130 euros. Everything from Birkenstock.

And this is what awaits us in autumn / winter 2015: padded boots with rough soles, black and brown biker ankle boots, colorful vintage-look sneakers, half-high boots with the famous Birkenstock buckles ...

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