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Thilo Bakes: The Perfect Blueberry Cheesecake!

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Holy Mother of Cheesecake

Basically, cheesecake always works somehow. But when I bake a Blueberry cheesecake with THIS recipe, there is not a piece left!

The floor

250 grams of hearty biscuits
100 grams of melted

Chop the butter biscuits and mix with the butter. In a 26 cm Springform press as a ground. Bake for 10 minutes at 190 ° C in the oven (top and bottom heat).

The dough mass

600 grams of cream cheese
250 grams of cottage cheese
2 vanilla pods
4 eggs
350 grams of sugar
50 grams of flour
1 dash of lemon juice

First we mix cottage cheese and cream cheese together. Then mix well with sugar, flour and the scratched vanilla. A little lemon juice to go with it. Now we separate the eggs and beat the egg white stiff. First we stir the yolk in the remaining mass. At the end, we use a spoonful or the like to lower the protein.

Finally bake!

100-200 grams of blueberries (or any other fruit you like) Spread the blueberries on the ground and then pour the cream cheese over them. The matter with the water vapor makes everyone different. For example, I filled a deep baking tray with water and put the cake pan a little higher on a small ovenproof bowl. So the cake is in the steam and there is no danger of water running into the mold. Bake at 190 ° C for 35 minutes Bake at 160 ° C for 20 minutes At the end, open the oven halfway and leave the cake for a while.

Yeah, I admit it's not done as fast as Kladdkaka, but the effort really pays off. Of course, that's not difficult either! Also visit me on Instagram and Snapchat at thilo.backt

Pssst! When cheesecake, there are not the ingenious gimmicks and handles, but I have still worried three tricks.

1. Bake the bottom a bit so that the dough does not grate with the cheesecake mass.

2. Separate eggs and beat egg white before stiff and fold. This ensures even when cheesecake that he is a little more relaxed

3. Waterbath in the oven, so that the cake does not turn so brown and does not develop such a thick skin.