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Fast vegan recipes with pictures - that's how easy it is

Our vegan recipes are diverse, creative and varied.
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  1. Vegan diet
  2. Just warm food gently
  3. Reduce oil consumption
  4. Soak nuts and seeds
  5. Sweet alternatives
  6. The domestic kitchen garden

Vegan diet

Feeding vegan means giving up for many. A negatively charged word. Anyone who has dealt with vegan nutrition , knows how diverse, creative and varied vegan recipes can be. We show them how to use a few tips and tricks to conjure up sophisticated starters, aromatic main courses and sugar-sweet desserts.

Why resort to replacement products when nature offers so much more? There are, for example, fruits and vegetables. Or seeds, nuts and germs. Fried and cooked. Marinated or fermented. It was complicated. Our food tastes best natural. Curry, chili and herbs give them a special touch and pepp on the plate. The result: colorful and sunny meals.

Just warm food gently

Cooking means heat. And heat means well-being for many. A preparation that unfortunately is not one of the healthiest. If food is heated to more than 40.5 ° C, the food loses its vitality. The enzyme activity also stops. Fatal! Because the body depends on the activity of the enzymes. They help to keep the digestive process going and provide a functioning organ system. Since we only produce a limited supply of enzymes ourselves, we have to get the rest of the diet. Whether it's vegan or not - we should try raw food more often. With a few tips and tricks, fruits and vegetables can be easily integrated into everyday life, for example as a start to the day or as a snack in between. This not only makes you fit, but prevents fast aging. Enzyme deficiency often causes age-related diseases.

Reduce oil consumption

The important role of oil in our diet is known by very few. Always use high quality oils. The Italian olive oil is the all-rounder in the kitchen, toasted olive oil gives each dish an oriental touch, corn oil is ideal for baking and peanut oil is ideal for cooking in wok. Use as little oil as possible and avoid frying at high temperature. As a rule of thumb, do not include more than 2-3 teaspoons of oil daily in the diet. Always store oil in the fridge, otherwise it will become rancid.

Soak nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds taste great. They do not refine the most boring dish and are great for snacking in between. Important: always soak nuts and seeds. That makes them more digestible. Basically, fermented (fermented) foods such as cheese, yoghurt and nuts are better digestible than unfermented ones. Reason for this are Lactobacillus bacteria, which stimulate the digestive tract.

Sweet alternatives

Sweet is delicious. Too much sweet is addictive. And too much sugar is unhealthy . Our sweet and delicious alternatives: fruit sweeteners and fruit syrup. They taste great in fruit dishes. Date paste, whole cane sugar and pure maple syrup refine almost everything.

The domestic kitchen garden

Seedling and greenweed are easy to pull yourself. Cheese, milk and yoghurt from nuts and seeds are particularly tasty. Contrary to expectations, the production requires only a few steps. Soak seeds in a glass with water, drain on a dish rack and leave to stand in a dark place for eight to twelve hours. Rinse thoroughly before harvesting and put in the light for two to three days. In between, rinse again and again.

Home-grown foods are the perfect basis for the vegan recipes from the eponymous book 'The Vegan Recipe Book'. We have put together a little taste for you.