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Knitting patternWrapper jacket for babies knit

You need this:

Photo: GU Verlag
  • Virgin wool yarn (100% merino wool, 160 m / 50 g running length), per 100 g in petrol green and beige: Cool Wool by Lana Grossa
  • Circular Needle No. 4 (length 40 cm)
  • Knitting needles No. 4
  • Crochet Hook No. 4
  • Stitch
  • wool needle
  • 3 buttons, light blue, diameter 20 mm


Stitch sample: Smooth right, Needle No. 4, 21 M × 29 R = 10 × 10 cm

The complete model is worked in one piece. They start with the two front pieces, including the arms, and then knit the back over the shoulders with arms. Double cross stop Procedure: see basic techniques. Smooth right Knit in the rows on the right, in the back rows on the left. Patetrand Knit the first 3 stitches on the right side of the row, take off the last 3 stitches on the right (thread is behind the work). In the back row, knit the first 3 stitches on the left, take off the last 3 stitches on the left (thread is in front of the stitch). Strip Order Knit 4 rows in petrol green and beige alternately.

Left front piece and arm: Knit with circular needle size 4 and the petrol-green yarn 48 (53, 64) sts in double cross-stitch, and knit 1 reverse row. M. Start with petrol green in the color sequence and smooth on the right. Work the 3 sts to the front center (left side) in the Patentrand. On the 19th (27th, 23th) R from the start, remove 1 st from the neckline by knitting the 2 sts in front of the knit edge. Repeat this decrease 24 times (24, 30 ×) in every 2nd row, then 3 times in every 4th row. At the same time in the 41st (49th, 57th) R to the right side, 1 st for the arm Increase the cross thread, then add another 3 x 1M, 3 x 4M, 1 x 5M and 1 x 13M in every 2nd R (3 x 1M, 2 x 4M, 2 x 5M and 1 x 13M or 3 × 1 M, 2 × 4 M, 2 × 5 M and 1 × 11 M). Once you have increased all the M's for the arm, continue the first 3 sts to the right side also at the edge of the stole (= cuffs). After a total of 72 (90, 96) R from abutment or 18.5 (22.5, 24.5 stripes) you have 54 (60, 63) sts on the needle. Lay them down now.

Right front part and arm: Knitt the right front part opposite to the left front part. Please note that the reductions for the neckline are knitted here (see Basic Techniques).

Back part and arm: Now take 51 (57, 60) sts left front piece on the needle and keep the 3 sts pat edge towards the neck. Then reposition 18 (20, 20) sts for the back of the neck in the color of the gradient, and pick up the 51 (57, 60) sts on the right front, excluding the 3 sts off the sts, for a total of 120 (134, 140) sts have the needle. Now in the strip sequence continue smooth right. At the 19th (27th, 27th) R from the start of the back piece for the arm bevel, bind off 1 × 13 (1 × 13, 1 × 11) sts at each edge, then every other row. R SIZE 50/56: 1 × Bind off 5 sts and 3 x 4 sts at the edge and remove 4 x 1 sts under pressure. Knit 2 sts together on the right edge, knit 2 sts covered at the left edge (see Basic Techniques). SIZE 62/68 AND 74/80: Bind off 2 × 5 sts and 2 × 4 sts at the edge and remove 4 × 1 sts. Now you have 52 (64, 74) sts on the needle. Now continue another 40 (48, 56) R on the strip sequence. On the next row switch to needles no. 5.5 and knit 2 sts with double thread on the left side of the knit, then bind off.

Finish: Moisten the parts, stretch to size and let dry. Then close the lower arm and side seams in the mattress stitch. Then pick up the 16 (20, 20) sts from the rear neckline 16 (20, 20) M in petrol green and rest them. Now pick up the decommissioned 3M Paternand with Needles # 4 and knit the I corduroy finish in Petrol Green along the 16 (20, 20) sts of the back neckline. Knit 2 sts in stocking st, knit 2 sts, leave remaining sts behind and lift 3 straight sts back onto left needle (do not knit back!) *; Repeat the sequence (*) continuously over the entire neckline. Sew on the remaining 3 sts with the 3 sts in the opposite front piece in stitched stitch.

Cord for the inner part: Crochet with the yarn in petrol green a cord of about 70 air meshes (length about 22 cm), and sew the end thread. Using the initial thread, sew the cord at the height of the first decrease on the cutout of the right front piece. Sew the remaining thread carefully. Continue to make a second drawstring and sew it to the inner side seams of the left front and back pieces at the same height as the other drawstring. When you tie the cords into a loop, the lower right front part stays in place.

Loops for the buttons: To stop the buttons, make now small loops for the left front part. Cast on 2 sts in the color of the respective strip and knit a drawstring of approx. 10 R height. At the end of each R do not turn, but push the M on the right side of the needle, take the needle in the left hand and tighten the yarn on the back of the work. Then knit the st. Repeat this procedure until the desired height is reached. The cord pulls itself thereby to a hose together. Make 3 cords in this way, and sew a cord as a loop to the first strip, one at the level of the first decrease for the neckline and one centered at the left front. Finally, sew the buttons to the right front part to match the loops and sew all the threads carefully on the inside.

Here is the instructions for download