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This smoothie recipe is zest for self-mixing!

Happiness recipes: Smoothies are the daily portion of happiness to drink.
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Drink you happy!

Smoothies are the daily portion of health and fitness in the glass! And they are really happy. Here's a quick and delicious recipe - ready in 10 minutes. A great power kick for in between!

Smoothies are not only really tasty, but also very healthy with the right ingredients. In the warm season, the colored drinks are vitamin bombs and mineral storage at the same time and serve as a refreshing snack. The delicious mixed drinks based on fruits and vegetables can even detoxify and promote the metabolism. The nicest thing: The preparation is a breeze, and everyone can mix to their heart's content, what he likes the most!

ABSOLUT GREEN: the all-rounder

The healthiest mix in the family of smoothies comes green. The leaves of vegetables and lettuce contain vital vitamins, proteins, fiber and minerals. By crushing with the blender, all of these nutrients can be absorbed by the body. Big plus of the green drinks: Leaf green has an extremely high proportion of antioxidants that sustainably stop skin aging and strengthen the immune system. Green smoothies are so nutritious, delicious and quickly prepared that they can also be drunk as a dietary supplement. Beginners should, however, choose a mix ratio of 60 percent fruit and 40 percent green leaf, as it may otherwise have a bit too bitter for some tastes. All ingredients should be organic, as they are fully recovered, with very few exceptions. So every veggie muffle is guaranteed to be a vegetable lover!

This smoothie contains the very healthy aloe vera. Their slightly bitter taste is offset by the sweetness of the grapes. Delicious!

Ingredients for approx. 5 portions: 4 ripe kiwis, 200 g seedless grapes, 1 large handful of baby spinach (100 g), 2 leaves of chard (50 g), 1 piece of aloe vera (about 10 cm long), 1 tbsp of birch sweet (sweetener ), 350 ml of water. For the decoration: 5 tender spinach leaves, 5 branches of grapes.

Preparation (about 10 minutes): Peel kiwis and cut in half. Wash the grapes, drain and remove the stems. Put both ingredients in the blender. Wash baby spinach and chard. Pluck the chard green from the stalk. Do not use the white handle. Cut spinach and chard into small pieces. Also wash and chop the aloe vera. Put together with the birch sweet in the blender. Add water. Start the mixer on a small scale, then puree everything until creamy. Serve and enjoy.

Per serving about 60 kcal; E 1 g, F 5 g, KH 12 g.

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