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Thigh Gap: Questionable gap by laser treatment

Model Cara Delevingne on the Victoria's Secret catwalk.
Photo: Getty Images

Thigh beauty ideal

The hip leg ideal is now the " Thigh Gap " - a gap between the thighs, which is visible even with closed legs. The most famous "Gap" is model Cara Delevigne (photo - there is even a Twitter account: ).

"The gap is genetically conditioned", explains Prof. Dr. med. med. Thomas Proebstle from Mannheim. Training brings so little. "You can only achieve the effect by liposuction on the inner thighs" . Ouch!

In Dallas, Texas, a clinic offers a new laser treatment that creates a thigh gap where none was before. How does this treatment look? A cold laser radiates into the crotch until the thigh gap appears magical. Double ouch!

We ask ourselves, where does this fascination come from the incomplete leg beauty ideal? Sure, everybody feels insecure in their own body, but because of that they have to endure such weird (and often painful) beauty treatments? No thank you!

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