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What teeth mean in a dream

Dream Interpretation: Teeth

Success, loss or suppression of problems - when we can dream of teeth that have many different meanings. The dream interpretation explains what dental dreams mean in which context.

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If we dream of healthy teeth, it can symbolize success, money and material things that await us.

From A like farewell to Z like teeth - what our dreams reveal, shows the Dream Interpretation Gallery (20 pictures):

However, if the teeth in the dream are loose or lazy, this can be understood as a warning against failures and losses. If a tooth needs to be sealed, this may indicate displacement and problems that should be solved. If our teeth fail in a dream, this may signal the fear of becoming old and unattractive.

Teeth can warn against financial problems

Financial difficulties or disappointments may be in store for us when teeth are pulled in the dream. However, pulling a tooth yourself means that you may want to benefit from someone else's problems.

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