Recommended, 2022

Editor'S Choice

Cushion for a deck chair

  • Fabric in light blue checkered approx. 44 x 42 cm
  • Template with letters and seahorses (z.

      From Rayher; Dekoladen)
    • Fabric paint (eg from Javana; craft supplies; 20 ml about 3 euros)
    • Cushion inlay 20 x 40 cm (department store)
    • Satin ribbon approx. 2.50 m (haberdashery)
    • Sewing machine with matching yarn (eg from G├╝termann, haberdashery)
    • scissors
    • brush
    • Iron
    • sewing needle

    1. Cut out of the fabric 2 rectangles of 22 x 42 cm.

    2. Use the template to paint text on one of the rectangles. Let the paint dry.

    3. Place the contours of seahorses around the letters with the template. Let the paint dry again. Fix the paint by ironing according to the manufacturer's instructions.

    4. Fold pieces of cloth right to right and stitch together with 1 cm seam allowance to a hole of approx. 10 cm.

    5. Turn the cushion, insert the inlay, close the open seam piece by hand.

    6. Sew satin ribbons by hand on the upper corners.