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UnderwearDirndl Bra - The best bras for a nice cleavage

More important than the dirndl itself is a seductive neckline. We show you the best Dirndl bras for all cup sizes and reveal why you need these underwear for your dirndl.

With the right dirndl bra, you can skillfully stage your décolleté!
Photo: PR / Ludwig & Therese

Oktoberfest, forest festivals or fairy-tale - soon starts the festival season and without a dirndl goes in southern Germany, nothing is known. To show off your neckline perfectly, even with a high necked dirndl blouse, we show you the best dirndl bras to buy.

the essentials in brief

  • A dirndl bra is not a push-up bra - even if it lifts the breasts up
  • This underwear must be comfortable and barely noticeable
  • Your dirndl bra should fit the shape of your dirndl blouse and nothing should top out except top hem
  • Try on your dirndl with blouse to dirndl bra

The best dirndl bras to buy

The most popular are skin-colored and white models. Dirndl bras are cut in a balconette style, ie as a so-called half shell, so as not to stand out from under the dirndl blouse. However, if a bit of lace comes out, that is permissible and sometimes suitable for dirndls and blouses.

The Dirndl bra with lace

Dirndl BH – Die besten Büstenhalter für ein fesches Dekolleté
Photo: PR

This classic and beautiful dirndl bra in white comes from the lingerie label Nina von C. Here, the pretty lace trim under the dirndl blouse like to flash out. From cup size 70 A up to 100 D, this well rated model is available in all cup sizes from Amazon. With very good 4.6 of 5 possible Amazon stars, the customers love these underwear and an enthusiastic buyer writes: " Really a super-fitting and comfortable to wear bra. I was a bit skeptical if this bra really pushes so well, since he For me in the photo did not necessarily look like that, and was taught a better, because he conjures an awesomely great neckline and sits well once. "

The details:

  • Material: floral embroidery lace
  • Style: Balcony bra with cutout detail on the center bar
  • Special features: Cups made of thin foam with removable cushions, adjustable straps
  • Cost: Depending on the size between 26 euros and a maximum of 30 euros

The strapless dirndl bra

RRP: EUR 73.90 Price: EUR 79.90 Buy at Amazon Ad

This dirndl bra of the French lingerie label Marie Jo is of high quality and impresses with timeless design and removable straps. Whether your dirndl blouse is white, off-white or beige, this nude-colored dirndl bra fits perfectly under all blouse models and conjures a beautiful neckline. What we find particularly nice about it: Although the straps are further apart than normal bras, these two pretty ones may also like to stand out under our blouse.

With sensational 5 out of 5 possible Amazon stars, this Dirndl bra is fantastically rated and a very fine brassiere. A satisfied customer writes: " I've been a fan of this model for a few years now! Supports well, raises the bosom a bit, but not too much, wide straps that can sometimes look out ."

Nude colored dirndl bra

Dirndl BH – Die besten Büstenhalter für ein fesches Dekolleté
Photo: PR

Granted, at first we were a bit skeptical as to whether this Dirndl bra with spandex really meets our requirements for appearance and comfort - but in the end we were convinced by the numerous positive customer reviews and the fantastic rating, so that we can give you this 'magic weapon' in terms You simply have to introduce the décolleté.

How this bra works? A 'breast lift' is pulled over a sleek, nude-colored bra, with two removable release straps and a racer back for a magically full décolleté. An enthusiastic customer writes: " As expected, he makes a good shape! Optically two cups larger and comfortable. Perfect under the dirndl - nothing falls out there. "

The details:

  • Material: 85 percent nylon and 15 percent spandex
  • Style: Plain T-shirt bra with a front hook closure and removable straps
  • Cost: About 9 euros from size S to XL

What is a dirndl bra?

A dirndl bra is a special brassiere that is perfectly matched to your dirndl blouse and dirndl neckline. This special underwear brings with it three crucial functions:

  1. The breasts are slightly raised and the cleavage thereby skillfully brought into shape
  2. At the same time, this bra is virtually invisible under the blouse
  3. Extra far apart straps adapt to the wide neckline of the dirndl, so that - except pretty lace trim - nothing flashes
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What's the difference between a dirndl bra and a push-up bra?

First of all, a dirndl bra is not a push-up bra. Although both bras provide more volume in the cleavage, they are fundamentally different. The push-up bra makes your bosom overall voluminous, but also wider. And that's exactly where it differs significantly from the dirndl bra. This raises the breasts by a strong underbust bar and brings them in shape. In addition, the shell is not cut classic round like the push-up bra, but straight, so as not to attract attention under the dirndl blouse.

That distinguishes the dirndl bra?

  1. The straps: These are farther apart than in a conventional brassiere so as not to attract attention in the very wide neckline of the dirndl
  2. The basket: Cut as 3/4 cups, the Dirndl bra is a so-called balconette bra
  3. The upholstery: With additional small cushions, the brush will be even more lavishly staged and conjure a super cleavage
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Dress dirndl bra properly - you have to pay attention

Most women choose a too small underbust size for their dirndl bra and the bra then starts to slip. If you are unsure which size is right for you, then stick to the following guidelines:

  • If your Dirndl bra only fits on the farthest tick when fitting, then you have found the perfect underbust size for you. Because by frequent wearing and washing your bra still expands
  • If in doubt, you should rather choose a size smaller than underbust circumference: better say a 75 than an 80
  • However, your bra cups should not be too small and should never be cut or squeezed - in case of doubt choose a size larger than smaller

The dirndl bra with big bust size

Essential for a large cup size is a good support function. A good temple is therefore an absolute must with the Dirndl bra. In addition, wider cut straps give additional support and padded cups conjure up a great cleavage.

The dirndl bra for small sizes

Ideally, you also choose a variant on the Dirndl bra, where you can cuddle upholstery on the inside. Daurch can also conjure up volume.

Dirndl BH – Die besten Büstenhalter für ein fesches Dekolleté
A good dirndl bra forms a pretty cleavage and remains invisible under your dirndl blouse.
Photo: PR / Ludwig & Therese

A dirndl bra with removable straps

You love the Carmen neckline and have the matching strapless blouse? Then you need a bra with removable straps, which also conjure a great cleavage. Here are two strapless Dirndl bras to buy:

Price: EUR 29, 00
Buy at Amazon ad

The white balconette bra with a delicate lace forms a seductive décolleté and provides a good fit even without straps

RRP: EUR 83.28 Price: EUR 64.95 Buy at Amazon Ad

The nude-colored dirndl bra of the French lingerie label Marie Jo does not only look magical, but also provides a perfect fit without straps. In addition, these can also be worn as halternecks or crossed over. A fan of this model wrote: " This bra is my absolute favorite bra, I've bought it in the retailer before, so I knew the exact size and it fits perfectly, but the price is much lower than in the retail! almost always fast, I'm thrilled! "

So you wash your dirndl bra right

Whether dirndl bra or normal brassiere - they often consist of fine materials, such as lace silk or satin and therefore already need a gentle wash program. If you want to put your dirndl bra in the washing machine then you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Be sure to choose a gentle cycle with a low temperature of up to 30 degrees
  • Also, it is very important that you set a program with a low spin to not deform BH cup and holder by too high a revolution
  • Be sure to use a rag net - this not only protects the fine material of your dirndl bra, but also prevents other garments from being damaged by the fine barbs
  • ideally you do not give your dirndl bra in a full drum - because the baskets can be easily pressed and your bra loses its seat
  • If you wash it by hand, use a mild color detergent that will preserve the colors and fabrics of your bra
  • After washing by hand, dry your underwear best lying on a towel

To buy a dirndl bra online?

Of course, it is more difficult to buy a dirndl bra online, because often the sizes are different than expected. However, the selection of different brands and models is not as good as in the network in any well-stocked retail and annoying changing clothes and searches are also spared. And: If your favorite bra is not perfect, most major retailers offer an easy return.

What can a good dirndl bra cost?

In addition to a dirndl blouse, a perfect dirndl bra is certainly the most important accessory for your outfit. Or in other words, what good is the best Dirndl, if your cut does not come into its own? Just. We think that this piece of laundry is good and likes to cost between 30 and 80 euros. And another good argument why it pays to invest in a high-quality underwear section: You can also wear a well-fitting Dirndl bra on other occasions and thus acquire a pair of underwear that will, in the best case, make you enjoy it for a long time.

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Conclusion Dirndl BH

The dirndl bra is the most important accessory for your dirndl outfit. A special Dirndl bra forms a nice neckline and is almost invisible under your dirndl blouse - only a lace hem may flash out intentionally. Under a white dirndl blouse ideally fits a white or a nude colored Dirndl bra best. If you wear a black blouse you choose a black brassiere for underneath.

A dirndl bra is not a push-up bra. Although it raises your breasts just as skilfully and provides more volume, there are crucial differences to a proper Dirndl bra. Ideally, you choose a slightly shorter under bust, so he does not slip. In contrast to your dirndl, you also wear it under other outfits and look forward to it for a long time and a timeless garment.

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