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DSDS: Partyluder and Pornstars

With DSDS it goes around!

The jury and candidate Ricardo Schwarz / (c) RTL / Andreas Friese

Yesterday was finally a new episode "" and there was plenty to laugh and wonder. Particularly interesting was the erotic actress Nicole Diana Deinhardt, who tried to charm the jury with body painting. But she did not come in the recall. Here was the jury still agree, because a little later, a woman split the gentlemen: party slut Sarah Joelle Jahnel. The Cologne woman sees herself as a bitch and is also called "Black Paris" because she has a chihuahua like hotel heir. Her voice was not overly impressive, but jurors wanted to see her in the recall.Tom Kaulitz: "That went right on my bag!" So all except. He was anything but enthusiastic about the vocal performance and shortly after the performance one made it clear: "I was really into the bag!" A clear rejection. The preview for Saturday also announced many interesting moments. Because then not only celebrates DSDS continues its 10th anniversary, but also permanent candidate is for the tenth time before and the jury kick! We are curious !!! All information about "Germany is looking for the Superstar" in the special at